MSI Vs MI Laptops – Which Is Better Brand In 2024? Find !

MSI Vs MI Laptops Which Is Better Brand

MI Vs MSI Laptops – Which is a better brand in India? Not sure which brand offers laptops with a higher value for money? Browse this article to get answers to these pertinent questions.

Founded in China, Xiaomi is a leading consumer electronics firm with a pan-global presence in 100+ countries. Its logo, MI, is an acronym for “Mobile Internet” and takes on different full forms like “Mission Impossible” to commemorate the organization’s early struggles.

Conversely, MSI is a well-known Taiwanese corporation that provides AIoT, content development, productivity, and business solutions. Present in 120+ nations worldwide, MSI has carved a niche for itself in the video-gaming and eSports arena.

Xiaomi offers a wide product range that encompasses smartphones, tablets, accessories, TVs, smart gadgets & appliances, apparel, travel bags, shoes, etc. MSI’s product range is relatively narrower and includes desktops, monitors, peripherals, components, motherboards, and graphic cards.

In this article, we will mainly discuss the laptops manufactured by both brands.

MI Vs MSI – Brand Overview

Between MI Vs MSI, the better brand is MSI, especially for gaming laptops. MSI laptops are a notch higher in terms of design, display, performance, and durability. But, if you are seeking budget laptops for everyday use with better warranty terms, battery life, and customer support, choose MI models.

MI offers two types of laptops – Xiaomi notebooks and Redmibooks. Contrarily, MSI offers exclusive laptops for gaming, business, and content production.

Its gaming range is the widest and comprises 10 series – Titan GT, Stealth, Raider, Vector, Crosshair/Pulse, Sword/Katana, Cyborg/Thin GF, Delta, Alpha, and Bravo. The productivity range includes Summit, Prestige, and Modern series, while the content creation lineup encompasses Creator, CreatorPro, and Workstation series.


MI Vs MSI laptop – Who Wins?

While MSI is the clear winner w.r.t various parameters, the final choice of a laptop is determined by your requirements. For example, if you are an avid gamer/content creator, you should opt for MCI laptops. For ordinary day-to-day personal and professional tasks, MI laptops should be fine.

How are MI laptops designed?

MI Laptops Design Xiaomi Notebook Pro

If you want an affordable laptop for home and college use, explore Redmibook 15. It has a powerful 8GB 3200MHz RAM, 512GB NVMe storage, a polycarbonate build, and a brilliant metallic finish. With a 1.5mm Deep Key Travel and broad multi-touch trackpad, Redmibook keyboards are finger-friendly and enhance your typing experience.

Besides, they support multiple I/O ports, namely USB 2.0, USB 3.2, HDMI 1.4, RJ45, 3.5mm headphone jack, and SD card reader.

For work purposes, consider Redmibook Pro. Using this model, you could make beautiful presentations, simultaneously work on multiple Word documents, and edit images on 3rd party apps. The pre-installed Edge and Chrome browsers helped me navigate between different tabs seamlessly. The device is also quick to sign in, reboot, and wake up from sleep mode.

Students and professionals can also check out the MI NoteBook 14 e-learning edition. It has a 100% metal body covered with an anodized sandblasted coating. With impressive clock speeds at 2666MHz, 8GB DDR4 RAM, 600 MB/s file transfer rate, and 256 GB SSD, the Notebook 14 model aids in multi-tasking.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G can be a good option. I love its thin, lightweight, and low-flex design containing Aerospace-grade aluminium alloy. Moreover, it is precision cut and abrasive blasted for a smooth and flawless texture. The 2-in-1 fingerprint scanner, power tab, 3-level backlit keyboard, DTS audio, Thunderbolt-4 port, and WiFi 6 connectivity help you enjoy immersive gameplay.

The Mi Notebook (IC) is also conducive for online classes, work-from-home, and superfluid gaming. It has a silent architecture with a maximum fan speed of 37 dB.

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How are MSI laptops designed?

MSI Laptops Design MSI Titan GT77 HX 13VX

If you want an MSI laptop for home usage, explore Summit E13 Flip Evo – A13M. It has sleek edges and CNC engravings. Equipped with modern technologies and a 360o flip design, the elite model provides remarkable features like an IR FHD camera, AI noise cancellation, and Quadruple Mic.

Prestige 14 Evo B13M has productivity-boosting features that help achieve a better work-life balance. It has a compact design and enables you to make video calls even under dim light conditions. The built-in Tobi Aware software alerts you of prying eyes while working on the go.

For academics, check out the Modern 14 – C13M model with an ultralight chassis. It has an enlarged touchpad, ergonomic keyboard optimized for 1.5mm key travel, 180o hinge, and Flip-n-Share functionality. Plus, when you listen to your favourite songs, the 24-bit / 192 kHz-supported high-res audio elevates your sound experiences.

The most popular gaming laptop MSI offers is the Titan GT77 HX 13V. It has a sophisticated Cooler Boost mechanism with 6 exhausts, 4 fans, and 8 pipes. Additionally, its MX Cherry keyboard provides good tactile feedback and accurate actuation. I love the auditory euphoria generated by the built-in Nahimic, Hi-Res, and Dynaudio sound systems.

The ultra-portable Stealths will serve your purpose if you want to work during the day and play games at night. With a slim black sand-blasted aluminium chassis, reinforced hinge, and shared-pipe architecture (2 fans and 7 heat pipes), the Stealth 17 Studio A13V can be your thermal-efficient companion to manage intense workloads. Besides, the 2 speakers and the 4 woofers produce mesmerizing audio outputs.

MSI Vs. MI – Display features

MSI Display Features Summit E13 Flip Evo A13MX

MCI models like the Raider GE78 HX 13V have a matrix lightbar with 16.8M+ colours to develop customized lighting for gaming environments. With a 16:10 aspect ratio, 17” QHD+ (2560 X 1600) resolution, 100% DCI-P3, IPS-level panel, and 240Hz refresh rates, the Raider series displays vivid and naturalistic visuals. Besides, the built-in true tone technology provides personalized modes based on usage.

Some MCI laptops possess a Mini LED 4K 144Hz display. Your device will show vibrant, radiant, translucent, and intense colours even under direct sunlight. Besides, the DisplayHDR 1K improves visibility in the colour spectrum.

MI Display Features MI Notebook Ultra

Moving on to MI laptops, the Redmibooks have an FHD display and anti-glare. Some high-end models like Pro 120G have a 16:10 aspect ratio, professional-grade colour accuracy, 120 Hz lifelike motion, 100% sRGB, Delta E below 1.5, and 2560 X 1600 resolution. Besides, the displays are TUV Rheinland and DC Dimming-certified for low blue light emission and zero flickers, respectively.

The MI Notebook Ultra offers 3.2k resolution, 3X FHD, and 242 pixels/inch for sharper images and text. The MI Notebook Pro model has a QHD TrueLife display with a high contrast ratio, 300 nits brightness, great viewing angles, and lucid colors.

If you want a horizon display, explore MI Notebook 14. With 3mm narrow bezels, 91% screen-to-body ratio, and 178o viewing angle, this laptop is suitable for routine tasks, streaming movies, and gaming.

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MI Vs. MSI laptops – Performance

MI Laptops Performance Redmi Book E learning Edition

Starting with MI models, the Redmibook e-learning and professional editions comprise the 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake Core i5 – 11300H processor.

The Pro 120G model has the Windows 11-optimized 12th Gen Intel Core i5 H series processor, with 12 threads and 8 cores. You get 19% greater performance and 80% higher throughput in quad-thread config. Thanks to the performance hybrid design of Alder Lake.

Plus, the NVIDIA GeForce MX550 GPU improves gaming performance by 2x. The embedded Optimus technology facilitates smart power-optimized shifts between integrated and external graphics.

The horizon model is an absolute powerhouse with 300 MHz Turbo Boost, 4.9 GHz clock speed, and an Intel 10th Gen Comet Lake processor. Its NVIDIA GeForce MX350 graphics card facilitates an unparalleled photo and video-editing experience. This laptop offers incredible energy efficiency with a broader 2530mm2 air intake area and a larger diameter fan.

MSI Laptops Performance MSI Alpha 15 B5EX

Coming to MCI laptops, the Titan series operates like a nuclear fusion core and produces uninterrupted graphics and CPU energy. Powered by 13th Gen Intel Core i9-13980HX processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 GPU(Max-Q), these models amplify 3D gaming, metaverse, and VR experiences.

The CPUs have 8 power and 16 efficiency cores, designed using Intel Adaptive Boost Technology (increased multi-core turbo frequencies) and Thermal Velocity Boost (higher clock speeds up to 100 MHz). The AI-enabled DLSS-3 and ADA architecture facilitate 100% photorealistic ray tracing.

Besides, many models harness the MSI Overboost Ultra Technology. It combines the powers of the 75W CPU and 175W GPU to deliver blazing-fast gameplay.

If you are a fan of AMD Ryzen processors & Radeon graphics, check out the Alpha 15 AMD Advantage and Bravo 15 models. You can also get MCI laptops with 11th and 12th Gen Intel processors, NVIDIA professional graphics, or Intel Arc A370M GPU.

MSI Vs. MI laptops – Durability and battery life

MI Laptops Durability And Battery Life

All MSI laptops meet the MIL-STD-810G military standards for durability. Conversely, many MI laptops have a 6-series aviation-grade aluminum alloy chassis and unibody design. They are molded with a CNC machine and burnished into a slim device using 17 processes. Besides, the surface is smoothened using SiO2 / ceramic particles, and hinges have been tested for 30K+ operations. Thus, MI models are also sturdy.

Regarding MI Vs. MSI battery life, MSI batteries run for 7.5 – 10 hours on a single charge, while MI batteries last for 9 – 12 hours.

MSI Vs. MI – Pros And Cons

MI Pros

  • Dual-wind fans with 6162 cooling inlets and big air vents for heat dissipation and prevention of performance throttles.
  • Up to 4.8 GHz Turbo boost, 16GB 3200MHz dual-channel memory, and multi-core performance.
  • Keyboard with scissor mechanism and ABS texture coating, and dust protection cover.
  • MI band for unlocking the laptop instantly and Smart Share for seamless data transmission between smartphones and notebooks.
  • Fast charging technology.
  • Colors – charcoal/lustrous/horizon gray and silver.

MI Cons

  • No exclusive models for gaming and content creation.
  • Lesser laptop options.
  • Less travel-friendly.

MSI Pros

  • Enterprise-grade security.
  • Resizable bar – a PCI Express feature for blazing-fast gaming performance.
  • Webcam shutters for enhanced security and privacy.
  • RGB Backlit keyboards.
  • Numerous I/O ports – Webcam lock switch, HDMI, Audio Combo Jack, MicroSD card reader, USB 3.2 Type-A, Thunderbolt 4, etc.
  • Stylus with 4096 pressure sensitivity.
  • Spatial acoustics.
  • High-quality video-conferencing.
  • Meta-ready

MSI Cons

  • Battery drains faster.
  • Expensive.
  • Poorer customer support.

MI Vs. MSI – Customer services

You can raise service requests, check repair status, & download manuals/drivers/updates from the official websites of both brands.

Xiaomi has 1K+ authorized service centres in India. It serves 19.5K+ pin codes and provides at-home services in 100+ cities. Besides, you can reach the customer support team via chat/phone.

Conversely, you can contact the MSI support team over the phone or by raising a web ticket. An active forum also helps you resolve your queries.

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MSI Vs. MI laptop – Pricing

As of Feb 2024, the cost of MI laptops ranges from Rs 34,999 to Rs 71,999. Redmibook 15 is the most cost-efficient, while Notebook Pro 120G is the most expensive model.

Contrarily, you get MSI laptops at different prices, between Rs 43,990 – Rs 3,19,990. Raider GE77 HX is the costliest, while Modern 14 – B5M is the cheapest model.


1. Between MI Vs. MSI, which has better warranty terms?

A) MI offers an extended warranty plan with impeccable features like 100% cash-free repairs, unlimited claims, free doorstep pickup & drop, trouble-free app-powered servicing, and authentic spare parts. It is an affordable plan, starting at Rs 399. You can purchase it online within 3 days of delivery or offline from Field service engineers within 270 days of delivery.

Device protection after manufacturer warranty expiry, knowledgeable technicians, and lower cost burden of repairs are the major benefits of the extended warranty plan. Your claim will be registered within 24 hours, and your issue will be resolved within 10 days. Plus, you need not incur extra labour charges for technician visits. Besides, MI provides accidental & liquid damage protection at a nominal cost.

MSI offers an on-site cum carry-in 12-month warranty for notebooks, batteries, keyboards, and Pens. It also provides global travel insurance coverage for memory cards, motherboards, CPUs, hard/optical drives, batteries, adaptors, and LCD panels.

2. Which MSI model is best for content creators?

A) The best MSI model for creating cinema-grade visuals & classic aesthetics is Creator Z17 HX Studio – A13V. Its cutting-edge features include a CNC unibody chassis, 13th Gen i9 Intel Core processor, 16:10 screen-to-body ratio, and QHD resolution. It has a studio-grade NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 GPU comprising ray-tracing abilities and AI-powered artistic tools.

You can use the MSI Pen 2 with a haptic cum graphite tip to draw your imagination onto the golden canvas. The Calman-verified True Pixel Display gives a true-to-life touch to your creations. Lastly, the Vapor Chamber design, with a 76% larger cooling area and -4.2oC surface temperature, boosts your performance by 85%.

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