MSI Vs Apple MacBook– Which Laptop Is Better In India?

MSI Vs Apple MacBook Which Brand Laptop Is Better In The US

Are you looking for a comparison between MSI laptops and Apple MacBooks? Then you are at the right place.

Abbreviated for Micro-Star International Co., Ltd, MSI is a brand that has a presence in more than 120 nations. This brand is highly appreciated for its design and development of computer hardware and relevant products. On the other hand, Apple is a world-renowned American company with its roots in more than 25 countries. It’s the largest technology company with a variety of products in inventory.

Both of these brands manufacture a huge range of technological products, including desktops, computers, laptops, and more. Let’s navigate through the article and compare laptops from both brands.

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MSI Laptop Vs Apple MacBook: Overview

MSI, a Taiwanese multinational IT company, was founded on August 4, 1986, by five founders and has its headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan. The company designs and manufactures a range of laptops, car infotainment products, desktops, PC peripherals, motherboards, industrial computers, graphics cards, servers, All-in-One PCs and more.

Talking about Apple, this American company commenced its operations on April 1, 1976, and was founded by Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. It has its headquarters in Cupertino, California, US and is the largest firm by revenue and the biggest company in the world in terms of market capitalization.

Coming to the differentiation between both the brands, know that MSI doesn’t manufacture low-end machines and focuses heavily on gaming laptops. On the contrary, Apple manufactures its laptops for students and businesspeople alike. So, if you want to buy a gaming laptop, MSI is your brand. But if you want a laptop for your studies or work purposes, Apple should be the ideal choice.
Now, without further ado, let’s get deeper into Apple vs MSI laptops comparison.

MSI Laptop Vs Apple MacBook: How are they designed?

MSI Laptop How Are They Designed

If you’re into gaming and are looking for a laptop that can support your professional gaming requirements, MSI has a huge variety to offer. The Titan GT Series is considered an ultimate powerhouse. They have a cherry mechanical per-key RGB gaming keyboard by SteelSeries. You’ll also find an IR HD type webcam with 30fps@720p. Apart from this, you get Type-C, Type-A, Express card reader, Mini-DisplayPort and RJ45 ports.

The laptops also have a fingerprint sensor. For ultra-portability and sleek design, you can buy Stealth Series. Gaming enthusiasts can invest in Raider GE Series. If you’re a beginner in the gaming domain, you can choose to go with Crosshair / Pulse Series. This part is fine, as you covered 3+ models.

For content creators, MSI offers CreatorPro Series, Creator Series, and Workstation Series. You can also buy a touch-screen laptop under this series that comes with a dedicated MSI pen. The laptops offer per-key RGB backlight keyboard, Type-C and Type-A ports, along with fingerprint and ambient light sensors.

Under the business and productivity category, you’ll have Summit Series, Prestige Series and Modern Series. With an aluminium lid, you’ll find DDR4-3200 onboard memory, an HD-type webcam, and a backlit keyboard.

Apple Laptop How Are They Designed

Coming to its competitor, for students, coders, and photo and video editors, Apple offers its MacBook Air range. The laptops are made of aluminium alloy that delivers flawless finish, durability and strength. You can have up to 24GB of unified memory and up to 2TB of configurable storage. These laptops further offer a 1080 FaceTime HD camera, a three-mic array, four-speaker sound system with spatial audio and touch ID.

To fulfill business requirements, Apple has a range of MacBook Pros. The range is manufactured with aluminium alloy material. You can choose from 24GB and 64GB unified memory and 2TB as well as 8TB configurable storage. They have 720p and 1080p FaceTime HD cameras. Furthermore, you’ll find a studio-quality three-mic array and a six-speaker sound system with spatial audio. For additional security, you have a touch bar and touch ID.

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MSI Laptop Vs Apple MacBook: What’s with the display?

MSI Laptops Display

MSI provides QHD IPS-level and UHD MiniLED IPS-level display screens. We specifically prefer the content-creation UHD IPS-level CreatorPro with inbuilt IR HD type 30fps@720p webcam, 120 Hz display. Other than that, if you want a laptop for your gaming needs, you can go with Titan GT77 HX 13V. It offers two options when it comes to display.

You can either choose a 17.3-inches QHD that provides 2560 x 1440 resolutions, or you can go with a 17.3-inches UHD display with a resolution of 3840 x 2160. For business needs, we would suggest Summit E13 Flip Evo – A13M. This laptop has an IPS-level 13.4-inches FHD+ display that provides 1920 x 1200 resolution.

Apple Laptops Display

In terms of display, Apple provides a few options here. If you are looking for a budget-friendly laptop with a decent display, you can go with MacBook Air M1. It features a 13.3-inch retina display. But if you want a slightly bigger display without going overboard with the budget, we would recommend MacBook Air M2 with a 13.6-inch liquid retina display.

For those ready to buy high-end Apple laptops, MacBook Pro (M2 Pro or M2 Max) would be an accurate choice as it features a 14.2-inch liquid retina XDR display. If you don’t wish to compromise with the size of your display and want something bigger in this aspect, the MacBook Pro 16-in (M2 Pro or M2 Max) will be the right choice, considering that it has a 16.2-inch liquid retina XDR display to offer.

MSI Laptop Vs Apple MacBook: Which one has better performance?

MSI Laptops Performance

MSI supports Windows 11 Home and Pro and uses Intel core processors. Generally, the MSI Titan GT77 HX 13V has 13th-generation Intel core i9 HX processors along with core i7-8565U. It has up to 2040MHz boost clock 175W maximum graphics power with dynamic boost. Additionally, it comes with GPU and CPU combined and covers OverBoost ultra technology.

Conversely, the Creator series for content creators has up to 12th-generation and 11th-generation Intel core i9 and i7 processors. The maximum graphics power with dynamic boost is used in these laptops.

For those looking for premium business series, the Summit E13 Flip Evo – A13M laptop supports Intel core i7 13th generation. It has Intel Iris Xe graphics along with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 laptop GPU 8GB GDDR6 graphics card.

Apple Laptops Performance

While Apple doesn’t have gaming laptops, both MacBook Air M1 and MacBook Air M2 feature an 8-core CPU along with four performance cores and four efficiency cores. While the M1 has a 7-core GPU, the M2 has an 8-core GPU. In terms of neural engines, both version feature 16-core. As far as the premium versions are concerned, the MacBook Pro 13” has an 8-core CPU along with four performance cores and four efficiency cores. It also features a 10-core GPU and 16-core neural engine as well as 100GB/s memory bandwidth.

MSI Laptop Vs Apple MacBook: Durability

MSI laptops are manufactured with sturdy quality and are durable enough to last long. Usually, these laptops have a coating of alloys and metal that helps balance out their durability as well as their weight. Overall, this brand doesn’t compromise the quality of its products.

They feature high-quality components from some of the foremost producers, such as Micron, Intel, AMD, and Samsung. Their motherboards get subjected to rigorous testing and quality control. The boards have high-quality shielding and capacitors, ensuring accurate steadfastness and a long-life span. When overclocked, MSI laptops stay steady, making sure you get the finest performance.

Considering the premium style of Apple, the sturdiness and structure of their laptops are high-end. Even if you have used a MacBook for years altogether, it can still be mended and revamped if needed. MacBooks have undergone a plethora of tests, including high and low temperature, vibration, port durability, and much more.

As far as battery life is concerned, most of the MSI laptops don’t stay strong in the race and stay functional for only close to ten hours upon a single charge. On the contrary, the MacBook battery generally goes out after 1000 cycles. All-in-all, Apple laptops have much better batteries than MSI laptops.

MSI Vs Apple Laptop: Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of MSI Laptops

MSI Pros

  • High-end performance
  • Eye-catching and stylish designs
  • Best gaming laptops
  • Plethora of customization options
  • Known for incredible HD sound technology

MSI Cons

  • Majorly concentrated on gaming laptops.
  • Heavy and bulky design
  • Not many affordable options
  • Heats up quickly after prolonged use
  • Not prompt tech support

Pros and Cons of Apple MacBook

Apple Pros

  • Recyclable and environment-friendly material.
  • Superior and brilliant retina display
  • Latest generation keyboard
  • High-end security options
  • Long battery life

Apple Cons

  • Overpriced models
  • macOS lacks adequate software support
  • Restricted hardware upgrades
  • Limited storage options
  • Inappropriate webcam quality

MSI Laptop Vs Apple MacBook: Customer Support

MSI and Apple both the brands have made their customer support team available through phone, email and WhatsApp. In addition to this, they have official and dependable customer service centres in an array of locations worldwide.

The web ticket option of MSI provides solutions to your questions. If you wish to find a service centre on your own, you can visit their portal and discover Service Location.

For Apple users, extra support is available on their website. You can also download Apple Support App on your devices to get your queries resolved.

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MSI Laptop Vs Apple MacBook: Closing Words

MSI and Apple laptops are available in a variety of options in terms of size and color, such as grey, silver, blue, and black. Through this overall comparison, MSI laptops are much better for gamers, and Apple laptops are suitable for students and businesspeople. However, in the end, the choice mainly depends upon the needs and budget of an individual. Thus, make sure you do your own research and compare both brands thoroughly before choosing the one.

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