Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Which Is Better Brand In India?

Samsung Vs HP Laptops– Which Is Better In USA

Samsung is the older of the two companies by just a year. It was founded in 1938. It started as a grocery shop chain, and its electronics business kicked off much later than HP, in 1969. They introduced their first PC, the SPC-1000A, in 1983. And it took them almost two decades to finally release their first laptop called the Sens Q.

HP, on the other hand, has always been an electronics manufacturer. Since it was founded in 1939, it has been a revolutionary company that has pioneered many consumer electronics products, including some of the first PCs (HP 85, 1980) and laptops (HP 110, 1984).

Since both are considered top brands, you may have stumbled on to the difficult task of picking one brand over the other if you are looking for a new laptop.

In today’s article, we have analysed the current lineup of HP and Samsung laptops against each other to highlight the pros and cons of each brand and to aid your decision-making process.

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Samsung Vs HP Laptops Brand Overview

The HP Vs. Samsung debate has no overall winner. Instead, we have picked the winner in the following essential laptop categories:

Budget Laptops: HP wins due to a much lower cost of entry into the brand and a vast range of budget-friendly laptops. These days, Samsung hardly has any Windows laptops you could consider entry-level. But they do have some Chromebooks which match the price of HPs cheapest Windows laptops.

Ultrabooks: Samsung wins this match-up due to its exceptional Galaxy Book range of ultrabooks that are always pushing the limits of what Windows ultrabooks are capable of. Their devices are the preferred choice of professionals with heavy demands. HP does not push the limits too much when it comes to its ultrabook lineup, and its Pavillion, ZBook, and Envy line is outmatched by Samsung.

Gaming / Content Creation Laptops: HP wins by default since it offers two sub-brands in this category, namely Omen and Victus. Samsung does not have any gaming-specific models.

Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Who Has the Better Design Language?

Design is a subjective preference, so we will not declare a clear winner here. Instead, we will discuss their most popular models’ unique design elements, ergonomic features, and build quality.

HP Laptop Design

HP Laptop Design

The HP 14 and 15 are their entry-level models. They are designed to look premium, with a faux metal finish. They have tactile membrane keyboards and long-lasting and responsive trackpads. The port selection is comprehensive, offering USB A, USB C, HDMI, and even memory card slots. But don’t expect the latest and greatest version of whichever port is in question. And finally, they are extremely durable and portable, usually under 1.5kg.

The Pavillion and Envy models don’t change the design language much. But use metal alloys in the chassis and, as a result, feel as premium as they look. The plastics they do use are eco-friendly and ocean-bound. The keyboards are more ergonomic and backlit, and the trackpads are larger and smoother. The weight is even lower, closing in on the 1kg mark without sacrificing durability. The speakers on deck are Bang Olufsen.

And if you are an artist or need a tablet for any reason, then check out the HP Envy 360 range of laptops that come with a reverse bending hinge to allow for a convertible experience – a laptop and tablet in one. The HP Spectre 360 line of laptops is the flagship 2-in-1s from HP which come with sturdy hinges, full metal chassis, and an HP Hub Key for an added physical security layer.

Samsung Laptop Design

Samsung Laptop Design

The Samsung Book Go is the only entry-level Samsung laptop in the Indian market. It has a plastic chassis that mimics the design language of their higher-end models and looks smart. It has all the required ports, including Type-C and a mini security lock. But note that all USB ports are Gen-2.

Going higher in the price range of Samsung laptops, we come to the Book2 and Book3 series. This slightly older generation of ultrabooks was Samsung’s flagship line just a year ago and can now be picked up for bargain prices. The entire lineup features a full aluminium chassis that weighs less than 1.4 kg and is built with superb precision for maximum toughness.

The entire range also comes with USB Type-C gen-3 ports, a high-fidelity mic and headphone combined port, a full-size physical security lock, and a micro SD card slot which is highly convenient for media professionals. The Book2 Pro 360 and Book3 Pro 360 models come with a smooth reversible hinge that turns your laptop into a sleek tablet. This pairs well with the included S-pen that responds precisely to every input and is even tilt-sensitive, which makes it perfect for professional digital artists.

Samsung wins the build quality battle over HP as they offer full metal chassis at much lower starting prices, plus their design language is more modern.

Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Taking a Good Look at the Displays

Samsung Vs HP Laptops - Look At The Displays

HPs entry-level laptops offer decent viewing angles thanks to IPS tech but lack brightness for outdoor usage. They also fall short in terms of sharpness and colour accuracy. Samsung’s Book Go edges it out with a brighter, sharper LED panel that has an anti-glare coating for better outdoor visibility.

HPs Spectre laptops sport OLED panels, which they actually source from Samsung. They sport 3K by 2K resolution, have perfect blacks, and 500 nits of peak brightness in HDR mode, which pairs well with the 100% DCI-P3 gamut. And the whole thing is protected by Anti-Reflection Gorilla Glass NBT. Their Pavillion and Envy laptops miss out on the Gorilla glass protection and limit the resolution to FHS while keeping the rest of the specs the same. So if you are a professional artist, pick a Spectre laptop.

But when it comes to HP vs. Samsung, Samsung puts up a better display. The Book3 Ultra has one of the best laptop displays. Their Eye Care 120hz OLED panels cover 120% of the DCI-P3 gamut and have a 3K resolution.

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Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Which Laptop Performs Better?

Samsung Vs HP Laptops - Which Laptop Performs Better

The answer to this question has to be broken down into categories. In terms of budget, entry-level laptops for school students or basic home usage, HP wins. Their HP 14 and 15s Laptops come with a choice of either Intel i3 or AMD Ryzen 3 series chipsets, various storage options with gen-3 NVMe drives, and upgradable RAM slots. Samsung lost out due to the limited options. The Book Go is a great laptop, but the Snapdragon 7c chipset is not powerful enough to match HPs laptops.

For more demanding usage, Samsung edges out HP. The Book 2 and Book 3 series of laptops offer more powerful CPUs, up to Intel i9. Whereas HP’s ultrabook lineup is limited to the i7 category. Even the 2-in-1 laptops by Samsung, such as the Book 3 Pro 360, beat out the Spectre 360 in overall performance due to more powerful chipsets, faster DDR5 RAM, Samsung’s own in-house NVMe Gen-4 SSDs, and better displays too.

HP Vs Samsung Laptops - Who Makes More Durable Laptops

So all kinds of digital artists, as well as software engineering pros, will benefit more from Samsungs products. HPs Pavillion and Envy lineup do offer stellar performance thanks to i5, i7, Ryzen 5, and Ryzen 7 chipsets. And they are perfect for office usage or for college students.

In terms of gaming or remote workstation laptops, HP wins. Samsungs Book 3 Ultra is powerful enough for creative tasks but cannot be used for hardcore gaming, video rendering, or running heavy 3D modelling programs. HPs Omen and Victus gaming and content creation laptops can easily outmatch Samsung thanks to dedicated Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs.

So the HP vs Samsung performance battle is in favour of HP. Samsung offers some great ultrabooks that slightly edge out HP.

Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Who Makes More Durable Laptops?

HP Vs Samsung Laptops - Who Makes More Durable Laptops

Durability and battery endurance fall into the same category, so let’s look at each brand and try to determine a winner.

HPs laptops are known for their durability. Even though they use more plastics than Samsung, their laptops last many years. This is why many Indian companies trust HP for their IT needs and provide their employees with Pavillion and Envy laptops for work. These laptops have been built using a blend of metal alloys and high-grade plastics. They are precisely milled and utilise every millimetre of space within the chassis to fit all the components and large batteries in a way that minimises footprint and weight while maximising battery life and ruggedness.

HPs 360 lines of convertible laptops use a high-grade aluminium hinge that is rated for thousands of use cycles. In addition, the displays on their higher-end models, such as the Specter x360, are covered by Gorilla Glass. And it also comes with a 6-cell, 83 WhLi-ion polymer battery that is EPEAT® registered.

Samsung Vs HP Laptops - Who Makes More Durable Laptops

Samsung’s laptops mostly sport all-metal chassis, often using space-grade aluminium. Their slim yet powerful designs weigh in at less than 1.2 kgs for certain Book 3 models. The battery life on these laptops is not sacrificed as they have large 68 wH plus packs that can last all day long and have been tested under IEC 61960 standard.

Their convertible Book 2 and 3 360 laptops have a hinge that can fully bend backwards and can also remain stable in any position, which offers unlimited control on the angle and manner in which you wish to use it.

So overall, there is no clear winner. Both brands produce very durable laptops. In terms of premiums of build, Samsung is a bit better than HP due to the more liberal usage of metals and a sleeker design language. Battery life on all their comparable models is very similar.

Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Pros And Cons

Samsung Pros

  • Premium designs and lightweight chassis.
  • All premium metal materials
  • Large trackpads
  • Vivid and energy-efficient displays.
  • Great customer service reach.

Samsung Cons

  • A small variety of laptops
  • No budget-friendly models
  • Overloaded with bloatware
  • No gaming laptops

HP Pros

  • Sturdy and low-maintenance laptops.
  • Wide range of products for all users.
  • Comprehensive customer service and extended warranty plans.
  • Value-friendly budget options
  • Long-lasting battery life.

HP Cons

  • The design language is a bit dated.
  • Plastic chassis in mid-range laptops.
  • Basic display tech on most laptops.

Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Customer Support

Both brands offer great customer service. HP offers a cost-effective extended warranty program by the name of Care Packs that has extensive damage coverage as well as at-home repair service and personalised and prompt support for all your queries and issues. They also provide detailed answers to all your questions on their FAQ page, and you can even get a live online demo from one of their experts. You can also reach out to them by dialling their number or sending a Whatsapp Text on the same available on their website.

Samsung also offers prompt service to all its customers. In terms of service centre coverage, they are better than HP because of the sheer number of products they sell in even small cities in the USA. They offer extensive product support online in the form of digital manuals, software upgrades, How to videos, and a digital self-help style service centre for small issues. In addition, they offer transparent details about out-of-warranty charges, Spare part costs, and locations of their service centre. You can even book a repair and track it online. Similar to HP, you can contact them via email, call, or WhatsApp. The details are available on their website.

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Samsung Vs HP Laptops – Final Verdict

The most important difference between HP and Samsung is that HP is a better brand for affordable and bang-for-buck laptops in the entry and mid-range. Whereas Samsung is better in the higher range, especially in the ultrabook category. HP uses more plastics, whereas Samsung uses metals generously in their laptops.

HP has better content creation machines as well as plenty of gaming laptops, whereas Samsung’s only viable competitor in that category is the very expensive Book 3 Ultra. Both brands provide excellent customer service support in India, and the purchase decision should come down to your specific needs and whether you are able to pick up your laptop at a steep discount.


1) What are the Warranty Terms? (HP Vs. Samsung).
Samsung offers a 12-month warranty on all PC products. They do not have any extended warranty services for Laptops.

HP has a standard warranty of 12 months. Their Laptop Care Pack offers extensions of up to 3 years.

2) What offers are available?
Both HP and Samsung have the latest Windows 11 pre-installed. Additionally, all laptops come with a lifetime Office 2021 subscription. HP also offers a free backpack and anti-virus software with certain models. Whereas Samsung occasionally offers their Galaxy Buds for free along with certain models.

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