HP Vs. Samsung Laptops : Which Brand Is Better In India? Find !

HP Vs. Samsung Laptops Which Brand Is Better In India

HP Vs. Samsung laptops – Which is better in India 2024? Not sure which of the two is best suited for your needs? Go through my article to learn about the critical differences between the laptops manufactured by both brands.

Headquartered in the United States, HP is an information technology company that drives innovation in digital manufacturing, 3D printing, resilient security mechanisms, and microfluidics & systems technology. Conversely, Samsung is a South Korea-based leading electronics firm that harnesses the power of technology to produce premier quality products and services.

While HP primarily manufactures desktops, laptops, and printers, Samsung offers a wider product portfolio comprising personal computers, accessories, home appliances, mobiles, and TV. However, in this article, we will limit my discussion to laptops.

HP Vs. Samsung Laptops– Overview


After complete analysis, we found that HP is a better brand when compared to Samsung based on different factors. HP presents far better ram, graphic card, processor, display, and design options. However, Samsung laptops are great for everyday use and have one of the best battery life and overall build.

Both companies offer laptops for gaming, business & daily use. HP laptop series include Envy, Spectre, Omen, Victus, Pavilion, Essential Laptops, and Chromebooks. Samsung laptops include Galaxy Book, Book2 Pro 360, Book2 Pro, Book2 360, Book2, and Book Go.

Time to take a much deeper dive into what they offer.

HP Vs. Samsung Laptops: Design & Display Options

HP Laptop Design

HP Design

HP’s OMEN and Victus series contain high-powered HP gaming laptops with features such as RGB keyboards plus optical switches, several ports, such as HDMI 2.1​ & SuperSpeed USB, and multi-touch gesture support. Also, the gaming laptops are extremely portable, with a weight starting from 2.27kgs to +3.17kg, and come with sleek designs.

On the other hand, HP everyday and business laptop series, such as Spectre, Envy, and Pavilion, are also packed with great features and can range from 0.91kg to 2.72 kg. Moreover, Spectre and Envy series laptops use sustainable compounds, including ocean-bound plastic, recycled plastic, and recycled aluminium.

Apart from this, HP offers the option for normal and flip laptops with a premium touchscreen and a great in-built sound system. You can find a wide range of convertible, compact, durable, along with versatile HP laptops suitable for all your daily needs.

The Galaxy Book Odyssey is Samsung’s gaming series that comes with a full-metal casing, a curved design, and a backlit keyboard. The top-end Galaxy Book2 Pro laptops offer an ultra-thin plus super-light design, and the Pro 360 and Book2 360 are 2-in-1 laptops that work well with the S Pen.

Also, the Galaxy Book2 laptops have a full aluminium body, and the Galaxy Book Go laptops have a slim yet sturdy design with 180-degree hinges.

In terms of aesthetic appeal and design features, we found that HP offers a wide variety of options when compared to Samsung laptops. However, Samsung also has ultra-light laptops, making them excellent to carry for daily use.

Samsung Laptop Display

Samsung Display Options

You can choose from 11-inch to 16-inch display laptops for HP everyday and business use. I found that the Pavilion comes with up to 16:10 FHD display, and the Envy series provides an optional OLED display for richer colours. Apart from these, the top-end Omen (gaming) series laptops have a 17.3 diagonal inch QHD display with a 165hz refresh rate. Also, the Victus 16.1 has the same specs as Omen, along with micro-edge, 3 ms response time, anti-glare, IPS, and low Blue Light.

When compared to HP, Samsung also offers a great display for its daily and business-use laptops. However, there are fewer options, and you can mainly choose between 39.62cm (15.6 inches), 35.56cm (14 inches), and 33.7cm (13.3 inches) displays. All the top-end Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, Book2 Pro, Book2 360, and Book2 offer FHD AMOLED touch screens with a colour volume of 120% for deep contrast. Overall, Samsung screens have amazing life-like details but fewer display options.

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HP Vs. Samsung Laptops Performance Wise

HP Vs Samsung Laptops Performance

HP laptops include Windows 11 & Chrome OS operating system options, along with several processors ranging from AMD Ryzen™ (3,5,7,9) to Intel® ( i3, i5, i7 & i9). Moreover, in terms of graphic cards, HP laptops offer Intel® UHD, NVIDIA® GeForce®, AMD Radeon™, & more options. Also, HP gaming laptops (OMEN & VICTUS) include unique features for better performance, such as the OMEN Tempest Cooling tech to help cool down the device using three-sided venting. HP gaming laptops also offer you the option to choose up to 16 GB DDR4 ram.

HP everyday-use laptops, such as HP 17 ­Laptop, come with up to 2TB HDD storage and fast charge tech for long hours of work. High-tech style HP laptops (Pavilion Plus 14) even pack great performance with up to 12th Gen Intel i7 processor & GeForce RTX 2050 graphic card. HP’s newest business laptop series, such as the HP EliteBook series, are enterprise-ready laptops with Intel Core 3,5 & AMD Ryzen 5000 processors options.

Samsung laptops also provide sufficient performance for everyday and business use. The Galaxy Book Odyssey is designed for gaming and offers the 11th Gen Intel processor plus NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050Ti graphics card. The top-end Galaxy Book2 Pro laptop comes with a 12th Gen Intel processor, fast plus expandable SSD, advanced cooling system, and LPDDR5 memory solution to help handle heavy workloads.

The Pro 360 is also reliable with superfast LPDDR5 RAM plus an advanced cooling system, and the Book2 360 comes with Wi-Fi 6E for ultra-fast data speeds. Lastly, the top-end Galaxy Book2 has Windows 11 Home os and Intel 12th Gen i5 Processor for heavy workloads.

Overall, in terms of performance, HP laptops offer far more options and pack much more power, graphic card options, and cooling features when compared to Samsung laptops.

HP Vs. Samsung – Durability- Which is Long Lasting?

Samsung Durability

HP and Samsung laptops have a solid build and include models with full-metal casings or aluminium bodies. However, laptops with 180-degree hinges in both brands are not very long-lasting.

In terms of battery power, we think HP OMEN and Victus series are great for gamers as they offer up to 12 hours of charge. On the other hand, HP Spectre series laptops have about 16:00 hours, and the Envy delivers about 10 hours of run-time. We also like the HP Pavilion series, which has fast charge tech to help replenish about 50% of power in just half an hour.

We also discovered that Samsung gaming laptops could last up to 12 hours on a single charge. Also, the Galaxy Book Pro2 360 has a 68Wh battery that can last up to 21 hours and recharge within 30 minutes to run for 8.3 hours. Galaxy Book2 360 and Galaxy Book 2 series also have a 61.1Wh 54Wh capacity battery, respectively.

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HP Vs. Samsung Pros And Cons

HP Pros

  • A broad range of laptop models for various use cases.
  • Numerous cutting-edge functionalities.
  • High-performance gaming laptops with powerful graphics and anti-ghosting technology-powered 4-zone RGB backlit keyboard.

HP Cons

  • Low-end models may not be long-lasting.
  • Relatively heavier and less portable.
  • High-end laptops, especially the gaming range, are comparatively more expensive.

Samsung Pros

  • Slim, sleek, stylish, and portable design. Ideal for frequent travellers and working on the go.
  • SmartThings integration to automate your home and control your smart devices.
  • Long-lasting battery life.

Samsung Cons

  • Lesser options are available for gaming and business purposes.
  • Graphics quality is lower. 

HP Vs. Samsung – Customer Support

HP and Samsung both have received positive feedback for their customer support service and have authorized service providers all across the country.

HP offers options like chat, phone & email in case of any issues. Moreover, users can download drivers from the HP website, run diagnostic tools or ask questions from the community. Users can also track their orders and check repair status, product registration & warranty.

Samsung customer support includes call & WhatsApp options, email as well as sign language. Also, Samsung’s website has the option to book & track repairs, check warranties, and download manuals & software.

HP Vs. Samsung laptops Price

HP’s gaming series, OMEN and Victus, range from ₹80,00 to ₹319,999 and ₹69,255 to ₹105,999, respectively. Also, the Envy series starts from ₹82,999 and Spectre from ₹119,999. Moreover, HP’s student laptops generally range from ₹29,999 to ₹119,999.

Samsung’s Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 ranges from ₹1,10,990 to ₹1,29,990, and the Book2 Pro from ₹98990 to ₹1,11,000. Moreover, the Book2 360 starts from ₹94,990 and Book2 ₹61,990. The cheapest is the Galaxy Book Go, priced at ₹32990. Lastly, the Galaxy Book Odyssey starts from about 1,00,000, but the price will vary depending on the ram.

Closing words

HP laptops present a lot more options and modifications for gaming to everyday use. On the other hand, Samsung laptops pack excellent battery life, are much cheaper, and have a great build. Overall, both brands present reliable devices and are not much apart in terms of general performance, design, and display. Therefore, research different HP & Samsung models and find the one that best suits your needs.

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1. What are the most popular models from HP Vs. Samsung?
A) The HP Spectre x360, Elite Dragonfly, and Envy 15 are popular for daily use, and Omen 16 is popular for gaming. On the other hand, Samsung’s Book Flex 15, Book 2 Pro 360 & Book 2021 are the best in terms of overall specifications.

2. Which brand is the best value for money, HP & Samsung?
A) Samsung’s new models are reliable plus as good as other brands. Their laptops are the perfect combination of price and specs.

3. Can I expect similar performance from HP & Samsung?
A) HP laptops are generally faster, plus they function better if compared to Samsung based on CPU, extra RAM & storage, along with better graphic cards.

4. Which brand offers a much better cooling option?
A) Old versions of Samsung laptops are known to overheat, but the new models have better heat dissipation. HP already has several cooling technologies and clever venting options for a free flow of air.


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