Lenovo Vs Dell Laptops: Which Is Better In 2024? See!

Lennovo Vs Dell Which Laptop Is Better

Is Lenovo better than Dell and vice versa? Which Laptop is better among these two in 2024? You may have been asking this question for a while, and that is why you are here, of course.

Both Lenovo and Dell are two of the most popular laptop brands in India, which provide light, medium, and heavy usage laptops for personal and professional uses.

Beginning with Dell, started in 1984, this Texas-based company has been one of the leading laptop sellers in India and abroad. Since 2011, the slogan of Dell has been “The power to do more,” and their laptops are the perfect example of that.

Established in the same year as Dell (1984), Lenovo is an electronic manufacturing company that recently has emerged as one of the leading contenders in the global laptop market. Lenovo has always been a favoured laptop brand in India because of offering affordable laptops.

Of course, that info is not enough to end the Dell Vs Lenovo debate, so now, this article will tell you about their features, performances, pricing, and some pros and cons.

Lenovo Vs Dell Laptop: A Quick Overview

Dell certainly offers higher-quality laptops than Lenovo which offers better durability as well. Undoubtedly, certain Lenovo laptops offer high-end usage as well as better durability and battery life, but the number is limited. However, if budget is the primary concern, the starting price of Lenovo laptops in India is around 20K INR, while the budget for Dell laptops will cost around 28K-30K INR.

Both Lenovo and Dell offer a series of laptops that are built for different uses.

The most popular Dell laptop series for home are Inspiron, Vostro, XPS, G Series, and Alienware. If you want Dell laptops for business purposes, Latitude and Vistro series would just work fine.

Lenovo also offers a series of laptops that are good for work, education, gaming, and regular purposes. Lenovo IdeaPad and ThinkPad are the two most popular options, but apart from that, you may look at the Legion, Lenovo, ThinkBook, and Yoga series as well.

Let’s dig deeper and draw the conclusion for Lenovo Vs Dell laptops and vice versa.

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Lenovo Laptops: Design Quality

Lenovo Laptops Design Quality

Indians have always favoured Lenovo laptops due to their slim and lightweight design. When you think about ultra-slim Lenovo laptops, ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 3 cannot be missed. This 2-in-1 convertible piece of wonder comes with an integrated pen and is a perfect choice if you want to make work travels more exciting and hassle-free.

Moving on to the Lenovo convertible options, the Yoga 6 Gen 7 is another professional laptop that has an eco-friendly aluminium cover and finely-designed edges. This mid-range home and work laptop is 17.4 mm thin and offers biometric security (fingerprint scanner). The backlit keyboard is another useful feature for gamers and editors.

If you want low and mid-range gaming Lenovo laptops, the IdeaPad Gaming 3 Gen 6 and IdeaPad Gaming 3i Gen 7 are two of the most popular choices.

Both feature an incredibly attractive cover that rolls over to reveal a complete N-key rollover for responsive gaming control. To ensure that you can experience the game environment all around you, it also has a Nahimic surround sound system. The second one comes in Onyx Grey with blue accents on the sides and back. You can multitask while playing your favourite games on this laptop thanks to the strategically placed ports and roomy palm rest design.

Dell laptops: Are The Design Quality Good Enough? Find!

Dell Laptops Design Quality

Dell has always maintained a reputation where their laptop design can be the meeting point of sustainability and innovation. The new Dell laptops are designed to conserve energy, delivering more power without heating. The materials used are also de-carbonized to reduce the carbon footprint.

When talking about designs, the Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 laptop models cannot be missed. The Inspiron models are available in 3 different sizes with different color options. The Inspiron 16 2-in-1 laptop, for example, is available in dark green colour and has a carbon black backlit keyboard and fingerprint reader. Some of the most common reasons behind the popularity of this model among personal and professional users are its 360-degree hinge while maintaining the ultra-thin design. You will also get 30% more space in the palm rest area, so the touchpad feels more comfortable.

Dell laptops are quite popular among the gaming fraternity due artfully engineered design and iconic geometry. If you look at the Alienware models, the first thing that will mesmerize you is it’s silky smooth, stain-resistant finish with lighting effects. The keyboards are also specially made with 1.8 mm deep key travel to offer better control and durability.

Lenovo Vs Dell: Which one offers the best display?

Lenovo Best Display Features Legion 5i 10th Gen

Be it a 20K INR Laptop or something more than 100K INR, Lenovo laptops are loaded with the finest display features. If you are looking for a budget Lenovo laptop, for example, the IdeaPad Flexi 3i Chromebook has 11.6 inch IPS with an optical touchscreen. Of course, the display quality gets better as you opt for a better Lenovo laptop, like Legion 5i 10th Gen. Armed with next-gen graphics, this Lenovo model gives you a 15.6-inch QHD display with Dolby vision that offer colour precision. Going further, if you are planning to buy one of the most expensive Lenovo laptops, like the ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 6, you will get an impressive 16:10 1920/1200 display. The UHD+ panel with Dolby Vision and Intel IRIS X graphics will surely improve your viewing experience.

Dell Laptops Display

For Dell laptops, let’s begin with the top-quality G series models. The New G15 Gaming Laptop, for example, has an in-built Nvidia GeForce RTX 360 video card with FHD 165 Hz display panel that makes your gaming experience more intense. Moving to the artfully engineered Alienware x15 R2 gaming laptop, it has an advanced Optimus display with a comfort view feature. The refresh rate is 360 Hz which offers blazing-fast gaming and streaming experience. The low-budget Vsotro business laptops, for example, the Vostro 3520 laptops, have the comfort view feature that keeps your eyes away from harmful blue rays during long meetings or online classes.

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Lenovo Vs Dell: Let’s look at their performance

Lenovo Vs Dell Laptops Performance

When considering Lenovo laptops for work, the ThinkBook 14S Yoga Gen 2 would be a great choice as it comes with the 12th Gen Intel Gen 2 Processor for faster computing. There are multiple responsive DDR4 memory systems to ensure that you can multitask without any lags. The Gen 4 SSD also offers greater speed for file transfer.

The IdeaPad Slim 3i 11th Gen is a great laptop for educational purposes, which offers better performance due to its 11th Gen Intel core processor. It also has integrated Intel Iris X graphics that can easily support the most demanding apps. The special cooling feature also ensures that you never have to worry about heating when doing projects or taking long hours of online classes. The Legion 5 Pro Gen 6 is the first 16-inch gaming laptop that offers a 165 Hz refresh rate. Engineered with AMD Ryzen Processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, this beast can be any gamer’s dream laptop.

When Performance is the debate, you cannot keep Dell laptops behind anyone. The Alienware x14 Gaming Laptop has a 12th Gen Intel i7 processor with 4.70 GHz turbo speed. It also has the NVIDIA GeForce RTX GDDR6 graphics card. The New XPS 17 Laptop offers maximum performance due to its powerful components, advanced thermal design, and impressive battery life.

Lenovo Vs Dell: Which Laptop Brand is more durable?

Lenovo Vs Dell Which One Is More Durable

While both brands offer reliable and long-lasting laptops, Dell laptops have better reviews when the “durability factor” steps in. However, that should come as a disappointment as the mid and top-end Lenovo models can easily last up to 5-7 years with proper care.

The average battery life of Lenovo laptops is around 10 hours, while the average life span of a Lenovo laptop’s battery is 2-4 years. However, if you follow the guidelines provided on the Lenovo official website, you will learn how to conserve battery while improving its lifespan.

Dell laptops also come with multi-cell batteries with fast charging options. The average battery life for the Dell XPS series is around 13 hours, while the budget-friendly Vostro series offers 7 hours of battery life.

Regarding durability, it’s a tie between Lenovo and Dell.

Lenovo Vs Dell Laptop: The Price Differences

If you are looking for Lenovo laptops for everyday use, the pricing may start from 25K INR. For example, Idea Pad Slim 3i has everything you need for regular usage as well as light gaming, which costs around 27K INR. If you need a Lenovo laptop for professional use, the pricing begins at 50K INR. For example, ThinkPad E14 11th Gen is one of the best-selling Lenovo laptops that offer robust security and performance that costs around 50KINR. Another good option is the Think Pad E14 Gen 3, which will cost around 65K INR. For hardcore games, ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 5 will work like magic which costs around 253K INR.

If you are looking for a Dell laptop for versatile performance, the pricing starts from 30K INR. For example, The Inspiron 15 3000 would be a great option for home and light work mode that costs around 34K INR. Dell offers some of the best laptops for small business use that ranges from 40K INR. The Vostro 3510 laptop, for example, has enough graphics and processing speed and costs around 41K INR.

The starting price of Dell gaming laptops would cost around 88K INR. For example, the G 15 Gaming laptop from Dell costs around 88.5K INR. If you want are looking for a Dell laptop for hardcore gaming, the Alienware m15 R7 Gaming laptop might entice you, which costs around 160K INR.

Lenovo laptops are quite cheaper than Dell laptops.

Lenovo Vs Dell: Who offers better customer support?

Both Lenovo and Dell are quite serious about offering quick issue resolution, which clearly reflected on their support page.

Both brands have a dedicated customer support page where you can solve laptop-related issues. It doesn’t end with that, as both companies offer presale support where you can talk to an advisor to clear any queries regarding buying a new laptop.

Dell customer support seemed a bit more streamlined as they offer online chat support, call support, and WhatsApp chat support. Lenovo customer support is also good, but most of them have a limited time slot and are not available 7 days a week.


Lenovo Vs Dell for Gaming: It’s a tie
Lenovo Vs Dell for Business : Dell
Lenovo Vs Dell for Students: Lenovo

Lenovo Vs Dell laptop: Pros & Cons

Lenovo Pros

  • They are more affordable than Dell laptops.
  • The Lenovo laptops offer nice graphics and lag-free gaming
  • Easy to find a Lenovo service centre nearby

Lenovo Cons

  • Build quality needs to be better.
  • The battery life is not up to the mark
  • The low and mid-range laptops are not very durable

Dell Pros

  • The sleek design reflects modernism.
  • Offer best laptops under 30K INR- 40K INR
  • The technical support team is available at any time.

Dell Cons

  • The display is not up to the mark.

Conclusion: Which Laptop should I buy?

It’s very hard for me to choose the ultimate winner between Lenovo and Dell. As we have discussed above, both have particular features with a set of pros and cons. Even if Dell laptops offer better quality laptops, they are quite pricey – sometimes a bit overpriced as well.

Undoubtedly, Lenovo’s build quality is not as good as Dell’s, but that doesn’t mean Lenovo does not launch high-end laptops. Lenovo laptops are known for their reasonable pricing, but sometimes that messes with the quality.

Both Lenovo and Dell offer quality laptops, and the decision must be made based on your laptop needs and budget.

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Lenovo Vs Dell: Some FAQs

1. Which brand offers the best value for money, Lenovo or Dell?

Dell and Lenovo both offer better ROI, but Dell laptops tend to function longer than Lenovo laptops.

2. Are there notable differences in customer support between Lenovo and Dell?

No, both are good at offering quick issue resolution.

3. What are the most popular models from Lenovo and Dell in India?

WorkThinkPad E14 Gen 3New Latitude 3520
Everyday use IdeaPad Slim 31 11th GenInspiron 15 3000
GamingLegion 5 Gen 6Alienware m15 R7

4. Can I expect a similar performance from Lenovo and Dell?

Both Lenovo and Dell manufacture high-end laptops, but if you are looking for consistent performance with durability, Dell is far superior.


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