MI Vs Dell Laptops: Which Is Better Brand In 2024? Find!

MI Vs Dell Laptops Which Brand Is Better

Are you looking to know if MI is a better laptop company than Dell? Luckily, then you have arrived at the right webpage!

Headquarters in Texas, United States, Dell is among the leading tech companies in the world. On the other hand, MI is comparatively new but is quickly becoming popular for its affordable devices.

Both brands present different series made for businesses-to-every day & gaming purposes. Therefore, in this article, we will analyze the main factors, such as performance, design, display, price and others, to provide a comprehensive review of which brand has better laptops.

MI Vs Dell Laptop Comparison

Founded in 1984, Dell has become a giant in the laptop segment due to its constant innovation plus research and development. There is no doubt that Dell laptops surpass MI when it comes to performance, design, durability, & customer support.

However, we found that MI also has laptops with great displays at budget-friendly prices. MI, or Xiaomi Corporation, is a China-based brand that has recently gained momentum due to its value-for-money products.

MI offers the RedmiBook Pro for everyday & business purposes and the Notebook for casual gaming and other high-performance tasks. Dell offers Inspiron for daily use and Vostro for office work. Also, Dell presents 2 gaming series, called G Series and Alienware Laptop, along with 2-in-1 PC series, called XPS.

MI Vs Dell Design Comparison

Dell Laptops Design MI Vs Dell Which Brand Better

Starting from top-end Dell Inspiron (16 Plus), these daily use laptops are about 2.05 kg due to their robust Aluminum exterior shell plus exterior chassis materials. Moreover, the device has a width of about 356.78 mm, along with a carbon black backlit keyboard.

Similarly, we found that the high-end Dell Vostro 3420 laptop (business-use) also has aluminium chassis but is much thinner (323.67 mm) and lighter (1.48 kg) than the Inspiron series. Apart from these, the best 2-in-1 Laptop (XPS 17) is about 2.57 Kg and has Aluminum chassis plus diamond-cut sidewalls.

Dell’s gaming series, Alienware, is perhaps the best-designed device in the market. The Alienware ( 17 R2) is from 2.96 kg- 3.09 kg, available in Lunar Light colour with stain-resistant paint. Also, it has its signature RGB Chassis with up to 16.8 million distinct colour options. You can also opt for different customized features. The other Dell gaming laptop, G Series, has a plastic resin plus an aluminium chassis with plastic painting. It even has a mechanical backlit keyboard and a clear coat design to resist stains.

MI Laptop Design MI Vs Dell Which Brand Better

On the other hand, the premium Xiaomi Notebook (Pro 120G) comes with an Aluminum alloy body (Aerospace grade), has a low flex design and weighs about 1.4 kg. Moreover, it has a two-in-one fingerprint scanner plus a power button and a backlit 3-level keyboard. Also, its thin and sleek design even includes an HDMI, USB A and 3.5 mm audio jack.

Lastly, the best RedmiBook Pro is about 19.9 mm thick and made of Polycarbonate along with a brushed metallic finish. Also, it has a multi-touch trackpad and a ton of connectivity options such as USB 2.0, HDMI 1.4, RJ45 (LAN port), a 3.5mm audio jack & an SD card reader.

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Dell Vs MSI Display Comparison

Below, you can see the Display comparison between Dell & MSI in terms of features such as screen size, resolutions and display technology.

Dell Laptops Display Quality & Features

Dell Laptop Display MI Vs Dell Which Brand Better

Dell’s Inspiron series laptops have a screen size between 39.6cm (15.6) to 40.6 cm (16-inch) and up to 3K display (3072X1920). Moreover, the Vostro has a Full HD display with a screen size of 39.6 cm. Also, the XPS (2-in-1 laptop) comes with a 34-cm display with Full HD and Ultra HD resolution options.

The Dell Alienware is available in 43.18 cm (17-inch), 38.10 cm (15-inch) & 35.56 cm (14-inch) screen sizes. The high-end Alienware provides an immersive gaming experience with an FHD 360Hz display and tech, including ComfortView Plus, Advanced Optimus, NVIDIA® G-SYNC® and others. It even has a low blue light filter (hardware-based) that will not impact the performance. Lastly, the G Series laptops have a 15-inch screen with an FHD display panel of up to 165Hz & optional QHD 240Hz display that comes with 3-sided narrow bezels.

MI Laptops Display Quality & Features

MI Laptop Display MI Vs Dell Which Brand Better

High-end Xiaomi Notebooks laptops will have a 35.56 cm 2.5k display with about 120 Hz refresh rate, plus TUV low blue light protection. It also has a 16:10 aspect ratio plus 100% colour gamut coverage. Moreover, the RedmiBook Pro has a 39.6cm (15.6) Full HD display (1920 x 1080), along with anti-glare tech.

In both cases, Dell has the upper hand and is much better than MI in terms of design & display. Dell’s gaming range has premium devices with RGB lighting and customization options. However, MI’s everyday/ business-use laptops are budget-friendly and easy to carry.

MI Vs Dell Laptops Performance

Dell Laptop Performance MI Vs Dell Which Brand Better

Dell’s gaming laptops (Alienware & G-series) performance is unmatched. The Processor options include Intel Core i9, Intel Core i7, AMD Ryzen 7 & AMD Ryzen. Also, the laptop will have Windows 11 Home OS and 16 GB, 32 GB & more RAM options.

Alienware also has the latest cooling technology with quad fan technology, thermal interface material and other features for an immersive gaming experience. The G-series offers i5 12-core or i7 14-core processor options and a thermal design for optimal cooling but contains less RAM if compared to the Alienware series.

Apart from the gaming series, Dell’s Inspiron comes in Intel Core i3 to i7, along with AMD Ryzen 3,5,7. It even has different storage options, including 256 GB, 512 GB, & 1 TB or more. Also, the Vostro series (business) has i3, i5 & Ryzen 5 processor options with up to 1TB of storage.

MI Laptop Performance MI Vs Dell Which Brand Better

The high-end Xiaomi Notebook ( Pro 120G) includes a 12ᵗʰ Gen Intel Core i5 H Series processor, which is ideal for casual gaming. Moreover, it has 8 cores and 12 threads, along with Optimus technology and 16GB DDR5 RAM. For cooling, the device contains dual wind fans that use different inlets and big air vents to help improve heat dissipation.

Apart from this, the RedmiBook 15 Pro has the 11th Gen Intel i5-11300H processor, plus 8 GB of 3200 MHz RAM. Furthermore, it contains super-fast 512 GB NVMe SSD storage and a Windows 10 Home operating system. Consequently, the RedmiBook 15 Pro is great for analyzing large datasets in Excel or crunching data for reports.

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MI Vs Dell – Durability

We found that Dell laptops are well-known for their durability. They have laptops with robust aluminium chassis, stain-resistant paint and much more. On the contrary, only the MI laptops with Aerospace grade aluminium-body have a good build.

In terms of battery power, Dell’s Inspiron and Vostro have a 6-cell Battery, 86WHr battery. Also, the high-end Alienware and G-series laptops have 6 Cell, 87 Wh, lithium Ion batteries, along with a battery defender feature.

On the other hand, the MI Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G has a not-so-long-lasting 56Wh battery. However, the MI RedmiBook 15 Pro can run up to 10 hours and charges about 50% in just 33 minutes or 80% in 50 minutes.

MI Vs Dell Laptops – Customer Support

Dell has a dedicated support page where you can identify your product using the service tag/serial number. Moreover, you can view the warranty & contract status or coverage options, download drivers, as well as find diagnostics for your device and data centres. Users can also get in touch with technical support for hardware and software-related issues or get answers from sales support.

The MI’s website also has several customer service options, including shipping damaged devices for repair, checking the price of parts, and installing drivers. There is also a live chat and contact number. Users can even extend their device warranty plus locate the nearest service stations.

MI Vs Dell Laptops Price in India

There is a big gap between the price range of both brands in India. Dell’s G-series (gaming) ranges from ₹80,000 to ₹1,88,989, and the Alienware from ₹1,60,000 to ₹3,66,990. In contrast to this, the Xiaomi Notebook starts from just ₹36,999 to ₹77,999. Xiaomi’s everyday-use RedmiBook ranges from ₹31,999 to ₹41,999, and Dell’s Inspiron from ₹33,990 to ₹1,63,489. Lastly, Dell’s business-use laptops, Vostro, also range from ₹41,990 to ₹65,989.

MI Vs Dell Laptops Pros and Cons


  • These laptops pack several ports for easy connectivity options.
  • Much better cooling options and customizations options
  • An extensive assortment of options for gaming, everyday use or business purposes
  • Great design, audio system and webcam quality


  • High-end gaming-range laptops can be expensive.
  • Apart from the gaming range, the Dell laptop’s display screen is not that good.
  • The low-end model’s built quality is average.

MI Pros

  • Much more affordable and reliable customer service
  • Great value-for-money display and battery life
  • Portable and light-weight
  • Less expensive warranty

MI Cons

  • The overall build and design
  • Less memory plus screen size options
  • Some negative online reviews regarding the keyboard of some models

Closing words

We found that Dell laptops are superior in performance plus overall design. Furthermore, Dell presents several colours, along with hardware options. MI, or Xiaomi, devices are great because of their affordable pricing and long-lasting battery output. Therefore, explore different laptop models and buy the one that best fits your specifications and budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) What are the most popular models from MI Vs Dell?
A) Mi Notebook 14 IC, which offers a clock speed of 1.6 GHz, is currently considered to be the best by the brand. On the other hand, Alienware m17 R4, Inspiron 13 7000, & XPS 17 (2022) are the most popular Dell laptops.

2) Can I expect a similar performance from MI Vs Dell?
A) No, the performance criterion of both brands differs a lot. Dell laptops have much more powerful processors, much more cores & threads, plus better cooling and other internal features for the best performance. However, the top-end MI devices are much cheaper and can compete with Dell’s low-end business/everyday-use laptops.

3) Are there any notable differences in customer support between MI Vs Dell?
A) Dell is among the most trusted laptop brands in India that even offer door-step service. MI seems to have mixed reviews online for its customer support service, which is great in certain regions of the country.


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