MI VS Samsung : Which Laptop Brand Is Better ? Find Out!

MI VS Samsung Which Laptop Brand Is Better Find Out

Wandering from store to store is tedious when comparing Mi vs Samsung laptops. Well, it’s almost impossible- isn’t it? If you, too, are juggling to find the best brand, viz, Samsung vs Mi, you have popped into the right place.

Before we jump into the vivid comparison of these laptops, Mi or Xiaomi is a Chinese innovator of electronic items. It is ranked second in the production of smartphones, after Samsung. The latter is a South Korean company that believes in contributing to a better global society.

Both brands are top in the global market due to the authentic range of smartphones to which they contribute. Other products and services include smartwatches, laptops, monitors, accessories, home appliances, etc.

In this write-up, we will remove a curtain from the differences between Samsung vs Mi laptops. Also, convey an opinion on the better option for gaming, business, or work-from-home purposes, which will help you choose the best brand for your needs.

MI VS Samsung Laptops- Brand Overview

Generally, Samsung laptops are a better option than Mi if budget is your prime concern. However, Mi also provides high-resolution and better battery-backed laptops. Moreover, the latter delivers quick and better customer support services than Samsung.

Mi brand offers two types of laptops, Xiaomi Notebook and RedmiBook, while Samsung offers Galaxy Book and Galaxy Book 360 series.

Both brands offer exclusive options for gaming purposes, students’ academic needs, business purposes, work-from-home needs, etc. For instance, Mi’s Notebook 14 has power-efficient NVIDIA GeForce MX250 Graphics, providing you with a smoother and faster gaming experience.

Samsung’s Galaxy Book Odyssey ensures a customized gaming experience to you due to its built-in Odyssey control and app features and custom settings, especially for gaming genres.

Mi Redmibook 14 e-Learning Edition is best customized to hone the academic skill of the students. It has immense connectivity options, 10-hour battery life, Student Edition 2019, and basic work-from-home jobs.

Pre-installed Mi SmartShare makes it an excellent choice for e-learning as well as The portability and efficient power of Galaxy Book2 Pro and its Intel Core i5 and i7 processors help cherish the creative flow of students in your day-to-day learning.

Let’s dive deep into the details of Mi Vs Samsung laptops.

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A quick insight into MI laptops design

Xiaomi laptops are ideal for daily use, be it basic work-from-home, high-end professional tasks, or gaming work. Both Notebook and RedmiBook models come with an OLED screen.

RedmiBook 15 Pro gives an unparalleled experience to working professionals, providing you with the following:

  • A wider and bigger Full HD screen of 15.6″ and 3.2K resolution.
  • 1.55 mm deep keystroke travel and a broader touchpad, perfectly supporting multi-touch gesture
  • Polycarbonate brushed metallic finish to the body, making it robust.
  • 3.5 mm combo audio jack, 2 x 2W stereo speaker, and support DTS audio processing app.
  • Single-finger open feature to help you with multiple works.

Redmi Notebook 14 and Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition is recommended if you are a student or creative leader. It is compact, weighing 1.5 kg, with a screen of 35.56 cm and an anti-glare FHD display.
Mi Notebook Pro 120 G supports casual gaming. Its design specifications are:

  • CNC precision cut, sandblasted for clean detailing and super fine texture
  • Aerospace grade series 6 Aluminium Alloy to make the body durable against minor shocks
  • Two-in-one fingerprint scanner with a power button
  • Dual wind-cooling fans that drive away the heat from copper heat pipes.
  • Equal heat dissipation through large 6162 cooling inlets allows gamers to play efficiently without excessive heating for long hours.
  • TUV low blue light protection to reduce eye fatigue with a 120 Hz refresh rate and 2.5K Mi TrueLife display.

Overall, Redmi Notebook 15 and 15 Pro are elegant in design in almost all models of Mi laptops.

A Quick Insight Into Samsung Laptops Design

Samsung Galaxy Book series is an Intel EVO-certified, AMOLED screen. The sleek, compact design, sturdy metallic, and lustrous body provide a lavish look. If you want an ultimate gaming experience, go for Samsung Galaxy Odyssey. Its design features are highlighted below:

  • 170 degrees viewing angle.
  • 5.44 mm slim bezel.
  • Curved and finger-friendly keyboard buttons with nimble keystrokes.
  • Built-in screen recorders and the pre-installed app Studio Plus allows content creators to create and edit videos.

Students can choose Galaxy Book2 Pro 360, a 2-in-1 convertible laptop giving a tablet-like feel. The S-Pen included facilitates you to drag and drop smoothly, just like a pen. It has a super-light design, AMOLED displays, and big touchpads that help you multitask.

Professionals can opt for Galaxy Book 3 Pro, which has the following features:

  • Screen: 16″ size with AMOLED 3k display
  • Slimmest Design and extremely light in weight (3.44 lb)
  • Complete HD webcam, having dual mics to make the meeting sessions with colleagues without any hassles
  • Four separate immersive speakers, tuned in with Dolby Atmos and AKG to conduct conferences and stream videos with high-quality sound

MI Vs Samsung- Display Comparison

The aesthetic appeal of the Samsung Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 is more appealing in terms of looks, colour, and lustrous finish. It comes in three different colours, silver, burgundy, and graphite.

Concerning the display, Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 provides you with an AMOLED screen with a 13.3″/15.6″ FHD display, weighing 2.29 lb for a 13.3″ screen and 3.11 lb for a 15.6″.

Mi Notebook Ultra Display Comparison

Mi Notebook Pro comes with a 2.5k QHD+ display and precision-cut design made from 6-series, aviation-grade aluminium.

The New Book3 Pro series is more advanced with high portability and a 13th Gen Intel Core TM Processor, light in weight (1.16kg). However, it gets costly compared to Xiaomi’s Mi Notebook Ultra. Its 100% RGB Wide colour Gamut helps redefine your viewing experience. It has blue light protection filters, helping reduce eye fatigue, and doesn’t affect colour accuracy.

Consequently, Mi Notebook Pro provides an effortless input experience with a backlit keyboard and a 62% larger trackpad. It ensures precise gestures and seamless scrolling. It has a DTS Audio app for loud and high-quality sound. However, it is quite low compared to the Dolby Atmos system in Samsung laptops.

Overall, the display features of the Mi Notebook, as per its price, is phenomenal. However, if you have a bit more budget and are looking for an authentic display, you can go for Samsung Book2 Pro or Samsung Book3 Pro 360.

But, if we sideline the pricing factor, Samsung wins the Mi Vs Samsung display battle.

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Samsung Vs MI Laptops- Which has a better performance?

Mi Laptop, Redmibook 15 e-Learning Edition features the latest 11th Gen Intel R Core TM i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB RAM that supports 3200 MHz DDR4 and 512 GB NVMe storage. It helps you with smooth performance without compromising the notebooks, attending online classes, making assignments in advanced MS Office, or report making.

However, the latest Intel R EVO TM platform offered by the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Pro 360 supports the 12th Gen Intel Core TM processor. It offers you superficial graphics and an advanced cooling system to keep it cool when used for long durations.

Hence, if you are a business professional who needs to work for a long time without compromising performance, you can opt for Galaxy Book2 Pro 360. Moreover, 16 GM LPDDR5 memory and 512 GB NVMe SSD with two slots are enough for working professionals.

Both brands, viz, Samsung Book Odyssey and Mi Redmi G 2022, are gaming laptops with 11th Gen Intel Core TM i7 processors that support NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Max-Q Graphics Card. However, Samsung features advanced Windows 11 that supports hi-tech apps and tools. Such perk points provide you with an efficient gaming experience.

Hence, when we compare the performance parameters for all types of use, viz, student, home, and business laptops, Samsung provides better performance than Mi laptops.

MI Vs Samsung: Which is more durable?

MI Vs Samsung Durability

Mi Notebook Series is a well-built laptop with sturdy keyboards that attracts working folks and students. It has a fantastic build quality with a metal chassis and a unibody design. As made from aluminium metal, its body is durable and curable against intense heating, allowing you to work efficiently for long hours.

Similarly, Samsung Galaxy Book Series are light in weight and made from a durable metallic finish. The Metal 12 TM makes the screen distinct and highly durable.

As far as the battery life is concerned, Samsung Galaxy Odyssey lasts for up to 12 hours on a single charge. Moreover, a USB C-type charger ensures quick charging, inhibiting you from waiting for long or holding your work.

RedmiBook series offers a 1-year warranty on its products with a 65W charging adapter that charges up to 20% in just 33 minutes. The battery lasts up to 10 hours when the workload is moderate to high on a single charge. The battery consists of 4 cells made with Li-Po elements.

The durability of Samsung Laptops is higher and has passed several multiple tests. However, it remains behind the Mi laptops in battery life.

MI Vs Samsung: Pros And Cons

MI Pros

  • Better battery life Lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge.
  • Durable and Portable: Light in weight and made from aluminium-magnesium alloy
  • Sleek and light design, ensuring the perfect balance between portability and design
  • Fast SSD: Optimized NVMe memory drive allows quick loading of files and applications
  • Anti-glare display

MI Cons

  • No built-in webcam
  • Prone to accidental damages due to trim bezels
  • Low or average-quality speakers

Samsung Pros

  • The underside has cooling vents, and the speakers have holes to avoid thermal heating.
  • Reversible Book2 Pro allows a 2-in-1 laptop option.
  • AMOLED Panel
  • Amalgamate with the new apps and software versions with the newest processors and Windows 11
  • Blue Light filter: to reduce eye fatigue while working for long hours
  • Dolby Atmos speakers provide better sound quality.

Samsung Cons

  • Software compatibility issues
  • Limited port options
  • High price range

MI Vs Samsung laptops: Customer care support services

You can easily consult the customer care toll-free numbers of both Samsung and MI to register your complaint or place any queries regarding the faults and issues of the respective laptops. They hear you through emails, phones, Whatsapp chats, or the support service of their website.

Samsung support service offers various solutions in the form of sign language, face-to-face support, 24-hour phone support, remote, and email support. They have Samsung service centres in major cities and towns, helping you with quick and responsive service.

Xiaomi customer care comes with chat support, available 24 x 7, phone support (toll-free number: 1800 103 6286) in almost all major Indian languages, and email support. There are exclusive service centres for Xiaomi in even the remotest part of Indian cities.

Generally, the backend support services of both brands are quick, responsive, and solution-oriented.

MI Vs Samsung Laptops: Price Range

Both brands offer an exclusive range of laptops for all needs starting @ INR 50000. However, Samsung Notebook laptops are costlier than Mi laptops.

For approximately one lakh, Samsung offers business or professional laptops, like Galaxy Book 2 Pro. If you are a gamer, you can avail of Galaxy Book Odyssey at approximately $ 1000. However, the Galaxy Book Go series starts at INR 50000.

Xiaomi’s Notebook Ultra version starts at INR 72000, which is the best for gamers. If you are a student, get the RedmiBook e-learning edition starting from INR 52000. While business professionals can check Mi Notebook Pro at a nominal rate of INR 70000.

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MI Vs Samsung- A Conclusion!

Mi and Samsung laptops provide astonishing features at reasonable rates. Although both brands provide basic colour options, silver, grey, and black, Samsung offers more unique options like Burgundy, Mystic Navy, lavender, and many more. Owning such colours gives you a premium feel. Samsung laptops excel in performance and durability, but the former also serves you better facilities at a reasonable rate.
Make sure you conduct thorough research before buying. Draft your budget and needs and invest in the one that suits your requisites appropriately.


1. Which brand (from Mi and Samsung) offers the best value for money?

The price range of Mi laptops is INR 50k to INR 80k, while the Samsung Galaxy Book series start at INR 48k and are available up to INR 3.52 lakh. However, the performance, display, and processor of Samsung laptops are top-notch and highly upgraded compared to Xiaomi’s Notebook and RedmiBook series.

2. Are there any notable differences in customer support between MI Vs Samsung?
Mi service centres are quick and readily available in almost all parts of India. Samsung service is also responsive but may take a bit long time when compared to Xiaomi support care.

3. What are the most popular models from MI Vs Samsung?

MI ModelsSamsung Models
Mi Notebook Pro 120GGalaxy Book2
Mi Notebook UltraGalaxy Book2 Pro
Mi Notebook 14 HorizonGalaxy Book2 Pro 360
Mi NoteBook ProGalaxy Book Go
Mi Redmibook 15Galaxy Book Odyssey
Mi RedmiBook 15 Pro 

4. Can I expect a similar performance from MI Vs Samsung?

For gaming laptops, the performance of both Galaxy Odyssey and Mi’s Notebook Ultra 120 G are quite similar. However, Samsung laptops provide access to the latest and authentic features, which may take some time to access in Mi laptops. Moreover, both laptops support Intel core TM processors for optimum performance.


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