MI Vs HP Laptops – Which Is Better Brand In 2024? Find !

MI Vs HP Laptop Laptops Which Is Better Brand

If you are searching for MI Vs HP- which is better? Then you have landed in the right place. Numerous laptop brands compete to deliver the finest products in India. The two brands that stand out among the best are MI and HP.

MI is a Chinese MNC that stepped into India in 2014. It started selling smartphones and later introduced laptops famous for their affordable prices, posh design, and fast charging. In contrast, HP is an American MNC known for its secure, durable, and business-friendly laptops.

We have compared laptops from both these brands in terms of performance, pricing, and service. Let’s look at MI and HP’s brand overview.

Which laptop brand is better – MI Vs. HP?

It won’t be fair to settle the debate without stating facts. In this article, we have compared all aspects and attributes of MI vs HP laptops and have mentioned all their best-selling laptops in 2024.

For better convenience, we have summarized both brands’ pros and cons to clarify the dilemma among students, gamers, and working professionals. Let’s proceed further to compare MI Vs. HP.

HP laptops- Design Synopsis

HP Laptops Design

HP laptop’s main USP is its sturdy design, impressive ergonomics, and top-notch build material. They have also introduced sleek and spry designs in recent rollouts like HP Envy and HP Spectre X360. HP offers a wide range of laptops for students, work/business, and gaming. Let’s go through the design features of the best-selling hp laptops.

HP Pavilion series offers a 32.5×21.66×1.7cm laptop with an impressive display of 14 inches. This laptop is eco-friendly as the build material is recycled ocean-bound plastics. Some models have metallic bodies too. The large touchpad and backlit keyboard are highly responsive. The 360-degree hinge is convenient for students to use the laptop as a tablet. For substitutes, check out HP Spectre X360 and HP ENVY x2. All these laptops are best suited for students.

For working/business professionals, we recommend HP EliteBook 840 as the best laptop. Elitebook 840 can easily resist daily wear and tear because of its strong and lightweight aluminium magnesium frame. The built-in fingerprint sensor provides a secure environment. It has a 14-inch optical touch screen, touchpad, backlit keyboard, and long battery life. Check out HP Elite Dragon Fly and HP Zbook Firefly.

HP-OMEN 17 features a dual screen and Nvidia/AMD graphic card. Despite being a gaming laptop, HPomen has a sleek design and a catchy colour scheme. The cooling system is very efficient and eventually reflects a better gameplay experience. Check out HP Victus 15 and HP Pavilion gaming laptops for better pricing.

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MI Laptop- Design Synopsis

MI Laptops Design Xiaomi Notebook Pro

The 1.5kg MI Notebook 14(e-learning edition) has a streamlined and thin design. The metallic body adds to its ability to handle wear and tear. It boasts a 14-inch screen, a webcam with 720P HD, a fingerprint reader, a full-sized keyboard, and a snappy touchpad. Look for Notebook Air if you want alternatives for students.

MI Notebook Pro is unquestionably the best option for professionals in the workforce. The sophisticated cooling system, which has two fans and dual heat pipes, does all the work. You can control the fan speed with the help of built-in software. It includes a 3.5mm connector having a DTS with an excellent set of built-in speakers. The microphone, webcam, and speaker positioning constitute a smooth communication experience. Look for Redmi 15 Pro as a substitute.

A well-designed gaming laptop contributes majorly to its optimum performance. MI Gaming Laptop meets all your expectations. This device brings a customizable RGB keyboard, USB-C, HDMI port, full HD display with a 144 Hz refresh rate, or a dual fan cooling system. This laptop has ventilation pores for a large heat sink.

If you have to choose a laptop brand with a better design, HP wins the debate. HP offers a perfect blend of sturdy and aesthetic laptop design. Conversely, MI’s main forte is to build sleek and lightweight laptops.

HP Vs MI – Display Features

HP Display Features 14 ec1003AU

The display is an essential laptop attribute through which a user communicates to perform tasks of his own choice. Whether you play games, watch movies, make notes, or publish monthly reports, having better image quality, wider viewing eagles, and thin bezels always add to productivity and better user experience.

Selling laptops in Indian markets since 1985, HP has launched a wide range of laptops to date. Starting with budget laptops, HP Pavilion X360 and HP Chromebook include FHD, UHD, and QHD IPS displays. These displays have a better resolution, viewing angles, and image quality than twisted nematic displays.

HP ENVY x360 and a high-end laptop for students and business professionals that offers a flicker-free 4k touchscreen OLED display. Its display size and resolution are 15 inches and 1920×1080.

MI Display Features NoteBook Pro

Conversely, MI laptops like MI Notebook Pro offer a High resolution, wide colour gamut, and low bezel display. Notebook Air can boast displays of 4K resolution and small bezels for a more immersive viewing experience.

MI Gaming Laptop has a wide colour gamut and a high contrast ratio. This feature helps to increase accurate and brilliant colours. For eye protection, the majority of MI laptops offer anti-glare protection.

To settle the debate of HP Vs. MI? HP has far better display features than MI. The display features provided by the MI brand are limited. They are yet to introduce OLED displays to their products.

HP Vs MI- Performance Review

MI Laptops Performance Review MI Notebook 14 E Learning Edition

The performance of a laptop largely depends on the processor, GPU, battery backup, and RAM. Due to the wide range of products, we have compared the best-selling laptops of both brands.

For students, MI Notebook 14 and HP Pavilion X360 are better, which include intel i5/i7 processors. Some HP models have AMD processors too. The RAM in both brands ranges from 8-32 GB. The difference lies in the cooling system and battery backup. MI laptops’ battery backup lasts much longer in comparison to HP. MI is a clear winner in this category.

In the business category, MI wins the performance battle again. The feedback regarding HP Pavilion’s battery backup has not been good. On the contrary, MI Notebook Pro promises to deliver consistent performance for 11 hours in one stretch. The good thing about HP laptops is their built-in software and tight security systems. MI laptops are more affordable. You can buy an MI laptop having much better specifications than HP Pavilion at the same price range.

MI is yet to launch a full-fledged gaming laptop in India. The most popular HP gaming laptops are OMEN 17 and Victus 15. It brings a powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080/3070/3060 GPU with 1TB of storage space and a 17-inch display.

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MI Vs HP – Which is more durable?

HP Durability

MiL-STD810G durability testing ensures the capability of HP laptops to withstand hot temperatures, shocks, pressure, and dust. HP Elitebook and HP ProBook top the list of the most durable laptops in India. The build material comprises a plastic body, and internal components are metallic.

In contrast, MI laptops surpass expectations in terms of endurance. High-quality aluminium alloy is employed as the primary building material in MI laptops. Sturdy internal parts and strict quality inspections assure long-lasting durability.

Before leaving the quality control unit, an MI laptop must pass several tests, including a pressure test, hinge test, temperature test, and keyboard test. MI NoteBook Horizon’s main USP is its toughness.

It’s hard to compare the two, but HP stands out slightly better than MI in terms of durability.

HP Vs. MI- Pros And Cons

MI Pros

  • Value-For-Money products
  • Sturdy Design & Top-Notch Build Quality.
  • Awesome Performance.
  • Long Battery Backup.
  • Good Customer Support.
  • Advance Cooling Systems.
  • HD, UHD, and IPS Display

MI Cons

  • Limited Availability.
  • Limited Software Support.
  • Limited Upgradability.
  • No OLED Display.

HP Pros

  • Brand Reputation.
  • Advance Technology.
  • Wide Range Of Products.
  • Strong Build Material.
  • Robust Internal Components.
  • Good Customer Service.
  • Easy Availability.
  • Easy Warranty Claim.
  • Pre-installed software.

HP Cons

  • Short Battery life.
  • Hardware upgradeability is limited.
  • The cost is high.

MI Vs HP- Which provides better customer service?

HP grants better customer service than MI. If we compare the history, HP is a reputed brand with 40 years of establishment in India. In comparison, MI is an emerging brand and is still on its journey to becoming the people’s first choice. The main difference lies in the supply and distribution chain. Due to this reason, HP laptops are easy to buy, sell and repair.

For warranty, replacement, or repair purposes of HP laptops, visit any service centre close to your location. You can also avail yourself of 24/7 telephonic support at the HP support portal.

For queries regarding MI laptops, visit MI customer support.

MI Vs. HP- Final Thoughts.

MI Vs. HP- which is better?

HP is a better brand compared to MI. However, MI has recently come up with top-notch and affordable laptops. If you have budget constraints, there is no better choice than MI. For better performance, durability, and customer support, HP is the better option.


1. Which are the Best-Selling laptops in MI & HP

StudentMI Notebook 14HP Pavilion X360
WorkNotebook ProHP EliteBook 840
High-endNotebook AirHP Spectre X360
Low-endMI NoteBook HorizonHP Pavilion 15
GamingMI Gaming LaptopHP-OMEN 17

2. Warranty terms – HP Vs. MI.

MI and HP warranty is claimable till one year after the purchase date. If the laptop faces Internal hardware defects or battery issues, you can get it repaired for free.

3. How to claim a warranty?

Contact online customer support or visit an offline service centre to start the process. Get done with all the required document verification to be eligible to claim the warranty.


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