Lenovo Vs. Acer – Which Laptop Brand Is Better? Find Out !

Lenovo Vs Acer Which Laptop Brand Is Better Find Out

Lenovo Vs. Acer – Which is a good option? Over the years, these brands continuously improved their device hardware and software to provide their customers with the best experience possible. This also helped them to stand out in this industry despite such intense competition.

However, Lenovo is better than Acer. It is the world’s biggest computer manufacturer, which has been in this industry for over 30 years. Their expertise includes TVs, laptops, and many other electronic devices. At the same time, Acer is a Taiwanese company renowned for its affordable electronic products.

To date, these brands have launched multiple fantastic laptop series, such as the Lenovo ThinkBook series and the Acer Swift series. Let’s take a look at both brands and find out which would be excellent for you if you’re looking to buy a laptop.

Lenovo Vs. Acer Laptops – Overview


If you are looking for a device with excellent performance and long-lasting battery life, Lenovo should be your first choice. However, if you have any budget issues or are looking for low price laptops, you can go for Acer.

Lenovo is a famous Chinese company founded by Danny Lui in 1984. Its headquarter is situated in Hong Kong, China. Whereas Acer is, a Tawainese company launched a few years before Lenovo by Stan Shih. Initially, it was a distributor of electronic parts and microprocessor tech consultants. But, as this industry grew, they also made their way into the electronics market. If you are interested to know more about the brands, their best laptops, and which one you should buy for yourself, then stay with the article.

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Lenovo Vs. Acer Laptop Comparison

Lenovo Vs. Acer- Design And Display

Lenovo Vs Acer Design And Display Comparison

Lenovo is famous for its aesthetic and top-of-the-line design, leaving no comparison for Acer. The Yoga 720 is a perfect example of their work. It is a 2-in-1 thin & light laptop with a premium aluminium finish and design winning an award.

Acer gives a tough fight to Lenovo in portability. There are multiple Acer laptops popularly known for their lightweight and excellent portability. If you are looking for the best among them, check out the Acer Swift 5. It weighs around 1050g and is backed by an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor with vivid Intel Iris Xe graphics that would ensure fantastic performance.

Nowadays, you can also find Acer is given higher preference than Lenovo when it comes to laptop displays. Usually, their business laptops, such as Acer Aspire 5, come with a vast 15.6 Full HD display and great viewing angles, which provides a fantastic viewing experience.

However, Lenovo displays are still good. In fact, many of their laptop displays give tough competition to Acer. For example, ThinkBook E14 comes with a high-resolution Full HD anti-glare display, allowing you to work straight for hours.

Lenovo Vs. Acer- Processors

Lenovo Vs. Acer Processors Comparison

The performance level of both these brands is similar. They both charge a reasonable amount for a high-end device. However, if you are looking for a high-performance gaming laptop, you should go with Acer. They provide similar-level configurations at a better price than their competitors.

One of the best examples is Acer Nitro 5. It costs approx Rs. 1,04,900.00 and comes with the 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. The laptop is among the best gaming options, around Rs. 1 lakh, which can run most modern-day games smoothly.

A fantastic alternative to it can be Lenovo Legion 5, powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700H processor. It has a bright 300 nits 165Hz 16-inch display, allowing you to enjoy movies, play games, or do other tasks seamlessly. It is purposely made for gamers and can deal with various situations.

However, looking at the price difference between these two laptops, I would say Acer Nitro 5 is a better option. But if you don’t have any budget restrictions, you should go with Lenovo Legion 5. It has a better refresh rate and graphics card, which can bring a significant difference in some cases.

Lenovo Vs. Acer- Durability

Lenovo Vs Acer Durability Comparison

Lenovo laptops are much more durable than Acer ones. They make use of carbon fibre material for building high-end laptops. It allows them to make their devices lightweight and achieve durability without compromise. They also use plastic for their budget-friendly laptops to cut costs.

In comparison, Acer mainly uses recycled plastic, aluminium, or magnesium metal to build its laptop body. Like, in Acer Swift 5, magnesium lithium is used, which allows it to reach an incredible thickness of 14.9mm. However, if you move towards the low price point, you can’t rely on either brand’s laptop durability.

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Lenovo Vs. Acer- Battery Life

The average battery life, which you can expect from a high-end Lenovo or Acer laptop, is around 10 – 12 hours. However, many Acer laptops provide a better battery life at an affordable rate than most premium brands. It’s because of their well-optimized software and better battery-saving system.

If you are looking for an Acer laptop with excellent battery backup, you can check out Swift 3x. It has an excellent battery backup of up to 14 hours, which is more than enough.

You can also check out Yoga Slim 7i Pro as its alternative, which can also give up to 14 hours of battery backup and cost only around Rs. 74,999.

Lenovo Vs. Acer Laptops Pros And Cons

Acer Pros

  • They provide a laptop with better battery life at a lower price than most competitors.
  • Acer is also renowned for providing multiple choices at every price segment.
  • The brand gives tough competition to other premium laptop brands with its Predator gaming laptop series.

Acer Cons

  • Acer comprises a lot with its laptop’s built quality.
  • The brand also has a bad reputation for its dull design laptops.

Lenovo Pros

  • Lenovo offers laptops at a far more reasonable price than most other brands, such as HP and Dell, in the mid-price segment.
  • Lenovo laptops are top-of-the-line designed.
  • It uses solid materials such as carbon fibre and aluminium to build its laptops, making them lighter and stronger without any compromise.
  • The brand is well known for coming up with new features and innovations every year, which is impressive.

Lenovo Cons

  • Lenovo’s customer support is not good.
  • The brand does not use NVIDIA graphics sparingly and sticks to AMD graphics cards.
  • It has only a few good laptops at a low price point.

Lenovo Vs. Acer- Customer Support

Although Lenovo and Acer are two of the world’s biggest laptop brands, they provide one of the worst customer support. These brands take much longer than usual for any task, which is their biggest issue. People need to wait around 5-10 minutes for a call to connect with customer support. After that, the person must go through lengthy procedures to confirm their issue and get it fixed, which is time-consuming.

However, one significant advantage of Lenovo’s customer support over Acer is that it has over 700 service centres spread across 60 countries, which can be helpful for you. You can use Google Maps or other applications to find a nearby service centre for your laptop repair.

Lenovo Vs. Acer- Laptop Price

Lenovo has many good options at a mid-price point. You should go with their laptops if you have a budget of over Rs. 50,000- 60,000. One of the best laptops you can find at this rate is IdeaPad Slim 5, which costs around Rs. 62,000. It comes with an 11th Gen i5 processor, an inbuilt graphics card, and a bright FULL HD IPS display, allowing you to do little gaming and everyday tasks easily.

Acer’s main selling price point is around Rs. 30,000 – Rs. 50,000. The brand offers many excellent options in this segment, such as Acer Aspire 3(costs approx Rs. 44,990), which is powered by Intel Core i5 11th Gen processor to provide fantastic performance.

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Closing Words

Lenovo and Acer are both excellent options for buying laptops. Your choice should depend on your budget and use case. You should go with Lenovo if you want better performance and battery life and Acer if you have a low budget. These brands have their pros and cons, which makes them different. You can check those out through this article and decide based on those points.


1. Which brand, Lenovo vs. Acer, offers the best value for money?

A) No doubt, Acer offers the best value-for-money products. However, you should remember that Acer develops low-priced laptops while Lenovo is known for expensive laptops. So, if you have a high budget, you should go with Lenovo; otherwise, Acer should be your first choice.

2. Are there any notable differences in customer support between Lenovo Vs. Acer?

A) No, you can’t find any notable difference in their customer support. In fact, both of their customer support is terrible.

3. What are the most popular models from Lenovo Vs. Acer?

A) ThinkBook X1 Carbon Gen 9 is a popular Lenovo laptop. It is powered by an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and has 16GB of RAM, allowing you to enjoy excellent performance. In comparison, the most popular model of Acer is Swift 5, which costs around $999 and has a magnesium aluminium body and weight of around 1.05 kg. Its boundary-breaking performance and excellent battery life make it so unique.

4. Can I expect a similar performance from Lenovo vs. Acer Laptops?

A) Yes, you can expect a similar performance from laptops of these brands. It all depends on the price range and model you choose. If you compare the Acer Nitro 5 with Lenovo Legion 5, they have nearly the same configuration and performance level, ensuring a similar performance from both those laptops.


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