Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 Rupees In India – 2024

Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 Rupees In India

Looking for Gaming Laptops Under 70000 Rupees In India? If you are an amateur gamer and want to test the waters of your skillset with a high-performing gadget, investing 70k INR is a tremendous bargain. You acquire a gaming rig that has powerful components and gives you a taste of the electronic gourmet at a price that doesn’t hurt your pocket.

The competition is high at this price point- each brand pushes gaming laptops with almost similar specifications, and it gets confusing to pick what works best for you. While some gaming laptops made a lasting impact on us on paper and disappointed us in real-world performance, some surprised us and made it to our list.

We have worked tirelessly and tested dozens of laptops to help you walk out of this marketing maze. We present a list of the 7 Best Gaming Laptops Under ₹70000 In India (2024) based on vigorous benchmarking and expert testing.

What To Expect For Gaming Laptops Under ₹70000 In India? (From The Models We Selected)

In more comprehensive words, the following qualities are a common denominator in all the seven devices on our list:

Mid-range Processors with dedicated GPUs:

With 70K INR, you obtain raw silicon power. The processors in the laptops mentioned here range from i5 8th to 11th gen and Ryzen 5 to 7. While ultraportable laptops commonly have integrated GPUs, gaming laptops have dedicated cards with 4-8GB RAM to provide you flawless gaming experience.

Aesthetic and Sturdy Build:

Built from high-quality plastic, the Laptops on our list have strong hinges and durable frames. A point to note is that the brands haven’t compromised on looks and have churned out laptops that are pleasing to look at.

Ample Storage and Memory:

All the laptops in the list have at least 512 GB of SSD (except the Legion Y530, which has 128GB SSD and 1 TB HDD) and 8GB RAM (upgradeable in most devices).

Blazing fast display panels:

A good display is a non-negotiable deal when it comes to gaming. The refresh rate of the panels ranges from 60-144Hz- you won’t need an additional monitor with these beauties.

7 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 Rupees In India

Laptop FeaturesPrice Check Price
ASUS TUF Gaming A15Processor: AMD Ryzen 7
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Operating System: Pre-installed Windows 11 Home
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050
Weight: 2.3Kgs
View at Asus.
Dell Gaming G15Processor: AMD Ryzen5 6600H 6-Core
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Operating System: Win 11 Home + Office H&S 2021
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050
Weight: 2.51Kgs
View at Del
Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600H
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Operating System: Pre-Loaded Windows 11 Home
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050
Weight: 2.25Kgs
View At Lenovo
HP PavilionProcessor: 5th Gen AMD Ryzen 5 5600H
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Operating System: Pre-loaded Windows 10 Home
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
Weight: 1.98Kgs
View At HP.
HP VictusProcessor: AMD Ryzen 5 5600H
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Operating System: Windows 11 Home 64 Plus Single Language.
Preinstalled Software: Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021 | XBOX Game Pass 1 Month Subscription.
Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 6500M
Weight: 2.37Kgs
View At HP.
MSI GF63Processor: 11th Generation Intel Core i5-11400H
Screen Size: 15.7 Inches(40cm)
Operating System: Pre-loaded Windows 11 Home
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050
Weight: 1.86Kgs
Check Price.
Lenovo LegionProcessor: 8th Gen Intel I5-8300H
Screen Size: 15.6 Inches
Operating System: Preloaded Windows 10 Home
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
View At Lenovo.

1) ASUS TUF Gaming A15 – Best Ryzen 7 Gaming Laptop

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 INR In India

ASUS TUF Gaming A15 has obliterated its competition- truly unbeatable performance within the range of 70,000 Rupees. The praises are endless, but let us start by discussing the specs- a Ryzen 7 4800 processor with 8 cores and 16 threads, paired with an NVIDIA RTX 3050 4GB DDR6 GPU, 8GB of RAM, and 512 GB of SSD. The powerful processing units munch on high-end tasks like a boss. TUF A15 blesses you with raw silicon power. The chassis is gorgeous and sturdy, the weight distribution is perfect, and you can lift the laptop open with one hand.

The keyboard has a white backlight and highlighted WASD keys, an ideal fit for gaming. The thermal layout is thorough and allows a balanced heat dissipation- your rig won’t heat during long sessions. You get a 90Wh, lasting battery for more freedom without the cable.

We recommend you use the dual-channel RAM and upgrade your device to unleash the full potential of this mechanical beast. Valhalla and Far Cry ran at 40+ FPS and 60+ FPS, respectively, without any upgrades- this is a powerhouse even without the updates. The ASUS TUF A15 is our top pick for a mid-level gaming Laptop with a 70k price range.


  • Amazing chassis
  • A tough-built laptop.
  • Highlighted WASD keys
  • Modern Gaming Aesthetic
  • Amazing performance
  • 90Wh Battery
  • Does everything amazingly.


  • RAM needs an upgrade

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2) Dell Gaming G15 5525 – High-Performance Gaming Laptop

Dell Gaming G15 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 INR In India

A Ryzen 5 6600h (6 cores, 12 threads) Processor with a power-efficient RTX 3050 4GB dedicated GPU, 8 GB of DDR5 RAM, and 512 SSD- all under 70,000? Dell has dealt a powerful punch to its competitors with the Gaming G15 5525. The gaming community has questioned the G series due to its inconsistent performance and circulation of faulty pieces. Dell has listened and answered with the new G15 5525.

Alienware has inspired the thermal design of the G15, and it beats TUF in terms of cooling technology, which is a big deal as TUF’s thermals are superb. The chassis is sturdy, and the top has textured plastic. The 15.6” 120Hz FHD panel has a minimum wobble and 250 nits brightness. The screen has a WBA Panel, which is slightly yellow-tinted as compared to IPS or IPS-level panels- you won’t see a difference unless you analogize screens side by side. The keyboard has an Orange backlight, which feels refreshing compared to the standard white backlight, and has a more gaming PC feel.

The G15 gaming laptop has performed mind-blowingly, owing to the powerful 6600H processor- 250FPS average in CSGO and 70+FPS in Far Cry. A downside of the G15 is its inability to work with Alienware Command Centre- although it’s more of a Dell problem than the Laptop’s fault. Its rugged build results in a bulky frame- it is hard to carry it around as it weighs almost 3 kilos. The peripherals don’t stand out but do their job well.

The G15 is a remarkable device with best-in-class components and will suit all your computing needs. If you plan to use it solely for graphically extensive tasks like video editing, we suggest going for the 3060 variant.


  • Ryzen 5 6600H (6C, 12T) under 70K
  • Rugged build quality
  • Impeccable thermals


  • Alienware Comand Centre is horrible.
  • Too bulky and heavy.

3) Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 – Gaming Laptop with An 100% sRGB

Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 INR In India

The Ideapad Gaming 3 is a perfect gaming laptop under 70,000 Ruppes from Lenovo. The Ideapad 3 is a rugged machine with a Military Grade Qualified design. You will zip through demanding tasks smoothly, owing to the Ryzen 5 5600H processor and the RTX 3050 4GB GPU. It handled heavy AAA titles like GTA V (100+FPS), Red Dead Redemption (60FPS Avg), and Valorant (120+FPS) breezily.

The keyboard layout is exemplary and has Anti-ghosting technology. Each click produces distinct feedback, and the keys have soft landing switches- your hands will flow smoothly on the laptop. With 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD, you get fast loading and booting times, and you can upgrade it to boost your rig’s performance.

One advantage of this gaming laptop is its Antiglare Screen. This laptop also features 100% sRGB, a brightness of 250 nits, and a refresh rate is 120Hz presenting a good display.

The IdeaPad 3 gaming laptop is an amalgamation of professionalism and sturdiness. It is packed with high-end bits and will fit right into any environment!


  • Privacy shutter
  • Looks sleek and professional
  • 16GB RAM
  • Large touchpad


  • High temperature, leading to a hot keyboard and screen.
  • The steel bottom is prone to shock you while charging, as reported by some users.

4) HP Pavilion Ryzen 5- Gaming Laptop With high storage capacity

HP Pavilion Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 INR In India

The HP Pavilion series is a renowned name in the gaming community- HP offers a range of affordable luxury products at a competitive price of under 70,000 INR. This variant sports a Ryzen 5 4600H processor with a 1650 Ti GPU and shreds every task you throw at it. Supported by 8 gigs of RAM, these units chew on heavy titles effortlessly without overheating (thanks to the cooling tech). Through our firsthand experience, the temperatures stayed in the lane of 80-85 degrees max even while playing Warzone (70-80 FPS).

The 144Hz screen is a delight, although the colour accuracy seems off. The white backlit keyboard was fun to type on and didn’t strain our wrists even in prolonged typing sessions. A remarkable feature of the HP Pavilion gaming laptop is its ample storage capacity- 1TB of HDD to store all your favourite games and files and 256 GB of SSD to give you blazing-fast booting and loading times.

The HP Pavilion is a gaming Laptop that feels too good to be real at a price under 65K INR. It has a professional build and can also be used as an office laptop. We are impressed by the HP Pavilion and recommend you go for it regardless of your need- it’ll fulfil all your expectations!


  • Runs heavy titles at medium settings satisfactorily.
  • Massive storage capacity
  • Temperature is constant at 80-85 degrees.


  • Outdated connectivity technology
  • Can’t control fan speed

5) HP Victus – one of the Cheapest Gaming Laptop

HP Victus Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 INR In India

The HP Victus is one of the cheapest and most powerful gaming laptops on the laptops under the 70,000 list. The features provide superb value for money, and the performance is efficiently satisfying. The two-slot 8 GB RAM pairs well with the Ryzen 5 5600H processor and a dedicated RX 6500M GPU to give you a smooth run as you play your favourite games. We played Apex Legends and Red Dead Redemption with almost maxed-out settings, and they ran at a 75+FPS pace effortlessly throughout the session.

HP has created this gaming laptop with a solid plastic frame and sturdy hinges. The 15.6” 144Hz huge FHD display panel has a brightness of 250 nits, and you are bound to enjoy the visual output! You get OMEN Gaming Hub and Alexa as pre-installed software- it will be fun to explore them. The backlit keyboard is easy to type in, and the trackpad is large, making a perfect combo for you if you don’t want to buy an additional keyboard or a mouse.

A downside to the device is that you can not upgrade your graphics card- this may not bother you if you buy this for light to moderate usage. To sum up, the HP Victus is a satisfying Laptop packed with optimal mid-range gaming elements and will be a perfect choice as your first gaming laptop!


  • Pleasurable gaming experience
  • Large screen size
  • Mighty processor


  • Wobbly screen
  • The performance could be better.
  • GPU can’t be upgraded.

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6) MSI GF63 – Lightweight gaming laptop

MSI GF63 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 INR In India

The MSI Thin is the sleekest gaming Laptop on our 70,000 below list. This MSI laptop weighs only 1.8 kilos- and has a metallic body! It is built like a formidable tank. The specs are straightforward- an Intel i5 11th gen 11400H processor, an RTX 3050 DDR6 4GB GPU, 512GB SSD, but then comes the RAM, which is upgradeable to a whopping 64 GB (the highest expandability on our list). Then we saw the TGP- a measly 40W and didn’t anticipate much from the Laptop. We are happy to say that it exceeded our expectations and ran Cyberpunk (medium settings) at an average of 50FPS, which says a lot.

The red backlit keyboard has a 60% layout despite being a 15.6” laptop, making the keys big and the typing experience otherworldly. It is suitable for long typing sessions without exerting your wrists. You will enjoy listening to media on this MSI gaming laptop as the speakers are loud with pleasant bass.

The MSI GF63 thin is our top pick for casual gaming with a dash of high-end tasks. Of course, it doesn’t stand toe to toe with TUF or the Y350 but provides a pleasing experience with a light Aluminum brushed body.


  • 64GB RAM upgrade allowed
  • Metallic build
  • Wonderful Chassis
  • Speakers are banging
  • The thermal lock doesn’t allow it to unlock the full potential of the GPU.
  • Surprisingly good performance


  • RAM needs an upgrade
  • Tends to overheat.

7) Lenovo Legion Y530 Gaming Laptop

Lenovo Legion Y530 Best Gaming Laptops Under 70000 INR In India

The Legion Y530 is one of the best gaming laptops you can buy under 70000 Rupees. Lenovo has packed powerful bits into a thermally stable chassis to create a stunning mid-range Laptop. The 15.6” IPS display panel has crisp, narrow bezels on three sides that give you more screen area while taking up less overall space, making it smaller than its competitors.

We found the build quality impressive, despite the use of plastic. The minimalistic and subdued design makes the Y530 look more premium and professional than most gaming laptops in the 70,000 INR range. The ports are available on the back of the system, allowing you more space and a clutter-free desk. The hinge is sturdy, and the panel goes 180 degrees back.

Let’s get into the juicier parts now! The Legion Y530 sports an Intel i5 8th gen 8300H processor with 4GHz clock speed and a GTX 1050Ti 4GB DDR5 dedicated GPU for superb performance when you play. You can run AAA games smoothly and efficiently without the fans going berserk- the Laptop stays cool, thanks to the good thermals. The 1 TB HDD storage is available with a 128 GB SSD, giving you the best of both worlds and ample storage.

Lenovo Legion Y530 Gaming Laptop

The keyboard is backlit, and typing on it is a superb experience, although you may need time to get used to the Numpad layout. The trackpad is large and has a distinct clicky feel- this combination makes the laptop a splendid choice for playing games without buying an additional keyboard and mouse. We didn’t like the webcam placement, but the quality is good- the speakers are nothing to sneeze at, but it works well enough for typical usage.

The Legion Y530 gaming laptop is a perfect choice for your needs in terms of looks, performance, and durability. The only downside is that you can’t upgrade the GPU- with the i5 8th gen processor, the 1050Ti felt like it came up short. If you do extensive graphic tasks like multilayered editing or competitive gaming, we suggest you go for a higher variant of the GPU.


  • Incomparable and sleek design
  • Screen is marvellous
  • Fantastic performance
  • Appropriate thermals


  • GPU is not upgradeable
  • The battery life is poor

Our Testing Methodology

We want you to experience the best gaming and to bring the finest for you; we test Laptops exhaustively. Our testing process is rigorous and is performed and analyzed by experts in this domain. The first step is putting the laptops through primary benchmarking using Cinebench and 3D Mark.

We eliminate half of the lot based on their scores. Next, we play a low graphics game, a moderate one, and then a demanding game to check the CPU and GPU temperatures and frame rates and pick the satisfyingly performing Laptops for the last step. For that, we use the Laptops for two weeks for various tasks, including programming, video editing, taking classes, and attending meetings to check their performance in real life.

Through this, we inspect the peripherals, the trackpad and keyboard, the display quality, and the battery life. One of our team’s essential tasks is to examine customer feedback. All the laptops that score the highest rank on our list of recommendations.

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Our Final Verdict for Laptops to Buy Under 70000 INR

We have shared a list of the seven best gaming laptops under 70000 Rupees In India (2024) with you, and after going through the entire article, we hope you have found your fit.

All the laptops have merits and drawbacks, but their performance is best-in-class in this price range. ASUS TUF A15 annihilated our benchmark tests but is a chunky machine, whereas the MSI GF63 Thin surprised us with its terrific performance even when the numbers were low in its specs.

The Lenovo Legion Y530 is a well-rounded and stunning tool, and IdeaPad Gaming 3 showcases professionalism and gaming in its arsenal. HP’s Pavillion and Victus have provided us with great specs at an affordable price. The Dell G15 boasts a powerful processor with juicy performance. We have distinguished the features to decide the best suitable Gaming laptop for you.

Have you used any of these laptops? If yes, then how has your experience been? Comment to ask any questions or share feedback!


1. Which is the best laptop for gaming under 70000?

A) While each laptop mentioned on our list is top-of-the-line, it depends on your needs as a buyer.
If you’re looking for a portable yet high-performing device, you can choose MSI GF63 Thin. On the other hand, if you like a chunky device, you can pick Legion’s Y350 or Asus’ TUF A15.

2. Can gaming laptops be used for office work?

A) Definitely! Gaming Laptops possess some of the most potent chipsets and components available in the market and can handle the most demanding tasks easily. Their bulkiness might be troublesome for you as gaming Laptops are often less portable- we suggest you buy an Ultrabook if you bring your laptop to work regularly.

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