Western Digital Caviar Special Edition Hard Drive

WD Caviar Special Edition 7200 hard drives deliver data to users faster than any desktop hard drive has before. Perfect for games, DV editing and file server applications.


 Brand Name:Western Digital
 Product Name:Caviar Special Edition Hard Drive
 Manufacturer Part Number:WD2500JB
 Packaged Quantity:1
 Manufacturer Website Address:www.wdc.com
 Product Line:Caviar
 Manufacturer:Western Digital Corporation
 Product Type:Hard Drive
 Sectors Per Track:63
 Bytes Per Sector:512
 Storage Capacity:250GB
 Actuator Type:Rotary VCM
 Servo Type:Embedded
 Heads:6 Physical
  16 Logical
 User Sectors Per Drive:488397168
 Seek Time:21 ms Full-track Average
  2 ms Track-to-Track Average
  8.9 ms Read Average
  10.9 ms Write Average
 Start/Stop Cycles:50000
 Drive Ready Time:9 Second
 Latency:4.2 ms Average
 Data Transfer Rate:748Mbps Maximum Internal/100MBps Maximum External
 Rotational Speed:7200 rpm
 Interfaces/Ports:1 x 40-pin IDC Ultra ATA IDE/EIDE
 Data Error Rate:< 1/10E14 bits Read Non-recoverable
 Shock Tolerance:65Gs @ 2 ms Half Sine Wave Read Operating
  30Gs @ 2 ms Write Operating
  250Gs @ 2 ms Half Sine Wave Non-operating
 Vibration Tolerance:0.75Gs 10 Hz to 300 Hz Linear – Operating
  4Gs 20 Hz to 500 Hz Non-operating
 Frequency:0 MHz to 30 MHz
 Input Current:2.4 A Maximum @ 12V DC Spin-up
  430 mA @12V DC Read/Write
  730 mA @12V DC Seek
  400 mA @12V DC Idle, E1H
  20 mA @12V DC Standby, E0H
  20 mA @12V DC Sleep, E6H
  680 mA @5V DC Spin-up
  730 mA @5V DC Read/Write
  750 mA @5V DC Seek
  680 mA @5V DC Idle, E1H
  190 mA @5V DC Standby, E0H
  85 mA @5V DC Sleep, E6H
 Input Voltage:12 V DC 10%
  5 V DC 5%
 Power Consumption:8.3W Idle, E1H
  1.2W Standby, E0H
  0.7W Sleep, E6H
  21.4W Spin-up
  8.8W Read/Write
  12.5W Seek
 Altitude:-1000.66 ft to 40026.25 ft Non-operating
  -1000 ft to 10000 ft Operating
  -1000.66 ft to 10006.56 ft Operating
 Sound Emission:34 dB(A) Idle
 Altitude:-1000 ft to 40000 ft Non-operating
 Temperature:41 °F (5 °C) to 131 °F (55 °C) Operating
  -40 °F (-40 °C) to 149 °F (65 °C) Non-operating
 Humidity:5 to 95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity Operating
  5 to 95% Non-condensing Relative Humidity Non-operating
 Sound Emission:36 dB(A) Seek Mode 0
  35 dB(A) Seek Mode 3
 Shipping Dimensions:5″ Height x 6″ Width x 8″ Depth
 Form Factor:3.5″ 1/3H Internal
 Shipping Weight:1.5 lb
 Dimensions:1.03″ Height x 4″ Width x 5.79″ Depth
 Weight:1.32 lb
 Standard Warranty:3 Year Limited

Additional Warranty Information: Warranty Policy and Limitations:

Western Digital Corporation (“WDC”) values your business and always attempts to provide you the very best of service.

No limited warranty is provided by WDC unless your WDC Product (“Product”) was purchased from an authorized distributor or authorized reseller. Distributors may sell Products to resellers who then sell Products to end users. Please see below for warranty information or obtaining service. No warranty service is provided unless the Product is returned to an authorized return center in the region(Americas, Europe-Middle East-Africa, or Asia Pacific) where the Product was first shipped by WDC.

If your Product was purchased as a component integrated within a system by a system manufacturer, no limited warranty is provided by WDC. Please contact the place of purchase or the system manufacturer directly for warranty service.

Warranty Policy:

Western Digital has adopted a new warranty policy effective October 1, 2002. Western Digital WD Caviar Special Edition hard drives are covered under warranty for a three-year period. Western Digital WD Raptor hard drives are covered under warranty for a five-year period. All other Western Digital products will be covered under a standard warranty for a period of one year. Products purchased before October 1, 2022 are covered under the product’s original warranty, unless otherwise noted on the retail packaging.