7 Best Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo in India 2024

7 Best Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

Whether you are a developer or a gamer, finding the best keyboard and mouse combo in India helps you take the browsing and typing experience to a different level altogether.

After extensive testing and research, we’ve curated a list of the top wireless keyboard and mouse combos in India based on key factors like ergonomics, connectivity, battery life, and multi-device compatibility.

Our recommendations include adjustable, comfortable designs from leading brands like Logitech and Dell. Having weighed the pros and cons and stayed on top of new releases, these are the top wireless keyboard and mouse combos to boost efficiency. Check our buying guide to learn more.

Best Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combos In India

See below our list of the top wireless keyboard and mouse combos in India :

1) Logitech MK240 Nano USB Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set

Logitech MK240 Nano USB Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set Best Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

The Logitech MK240 mouse and keyboard combo is an affordable option to invest in. The keyboard comes with adjustable height and deep profile keys, ensuring you get a seamless typing experience.

Talking about the design of this combo, it features a spill-resistant design. It has been tested under restricted conditions and can handle up to 60 ml of liquid spillage.

The keyboard has a minimalist layout that lets you cover less space. It also has integrated tilt legs allowing you to type comfortably. As far as the mouse is concerned, it has an ambidextrous design, which is accurate for small hands. It features a precise and smooth cursor that helps with seamless navigation.

The combo has a small USB receiver pre-paired with the mouse and keyboard for plug-and-play wireless connectivity. Through this, you can use these peripherals from a distance of up to 10 metres. The advanced 2.4 GHz wireless makes sure the data is transmitted quickly without any dropouts or delays. The keyboard comes with a 36-month long battery life and the mouse has 12 months of battery life.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry around.
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Normal sized keys


  • Doesn’t feature multi-connectivity.
  • No indicator or power for the keyboard.

2) Dell USB Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set – KM3322W

Dell USB Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set KM3322W Best Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

Coming from one of the well-known brands, this set of wireless keyboards and mouse combo features a slim profile along with silver accents. The full-size keyboard has responsive, spill-resistant and anti-fade chiclet keys that make typing an easy affair.

Furthermore, you will find multimedia shortcut keys that offer quick access to video and audio functions along with hotkeys for volume and mute in the three-section layout. The keyboard also has tilted legs so as to adjust typing positions.

The mouse has click and point with accuracy through a full-size, fast-tracking laser. Its 1000 DPI sensitivity makes navigation easy with a scroll wheel and three buttons. You can connect the mouse and keyboard through 2.4GHz RF wireless with a nano dongle that lets you gain unhindered access for a unified connection to other devices.

As far as the battery life is concerned, both the mouse and the keyboard can work efficiently for up to 36 months. They also feature low battery life indicators that alert you whenever the batteries should be changed. Furthermore, the keyboard is protected with a 128-bit advanced encryption standard that offers a secure connection and allows safeguarded data transmission across the system.


  • Smooth buttons on the keyboard.
  • Good build quality.
  • Cautiously designed peripherals.


  • No num lock and caps lock indicators.
  • The on/off switch is missing.

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3) Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Logitech MK470 Slim Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Best Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

Built with a modern, compact design, the keyboard in this combo features low-profile scissor keys, an optimized layout for Windows and a number pad. It features a number pad and 12 FN shortcuts; thus, ensuring you have all the required keys.

The mouse, on the other hand, has a pebble shape along with three buttons that are ambidextrous and offer a mechanical scroll wheel and high-precision optical tracking.

Both the keyboard and the mouse have been lab-tested for decreased noise and ultra-quiet work experience. The USB nano receiver provides a breezy plug-and-play 2.4 GHz wireless connection that works at a distance of up to 10m. Thus, you can relish a cable-free, clean desk and have the freedom to work as you want.

Coming to battery life, the keyboard can work for up to 36 months and the mouse lasts up to 18 months. However, this longevity can vary on the basis of computing conditions. Moreover, an auto-sleep feature helps save battery life to a great extent.


  • Easy to use and soft keys.
  • Appropriate for developers.
  • Premium look and feel.
  • Attractive and slim.


  • Not appropriate for gaming.
  • May not be built with durable material.

4) Logitech MK850 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Logitech MK850 Multi Device Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo Best Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

The Logitech MK850 wireless keyboard and mouse combo is designed to enhance your productivity level. The keyboard features deep-profile keys, adjustable tilt legs and a curved keyframe.

Moreover, you get 12 keys and buttons leading to shortcuts. The mouse has a contoured soft rubber surface that fits into any palm size. The scrolling wheel is hyper-fast and offers a 1000 DPI sensor resolution with up to eight buttons.

This combo has been developed for all-day typing. A cushioned palm rest makes it easier for you to gain support when working endlessly. Just with the touch of a button, you can switch between devices effortlessly. You can pair up to three different devices through a USB receiver and Bluetooth.

It offers 2.4GHz wireless connectivity that can work even from a distance of up to 10 metres. There are three connection indicator lights to let you know about the successful connection. Coming to the battery life of these products, the keyboard can work for up to 36 months and the mouse lasts for 24 months. A battery indicator light tells you when it is time to change the batteries. All-in-all, the combo works pretty well with Android, ChromeOS, Mac and Windows.


  • Six additional programmable buttons on the mouse.
  • Accurate multiple-device connection.
  • Easy scrolling with one switch.
  • Ergonomically designed peripherals.


  • May create erratic connections after a while.
  • May not be built with durable, sturdy material.

5) Logitech K380 Wireless Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse

Logitech K380 Wireless Multi Device Bluetooth Keyboard And Mouse Best Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

This Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse combo is lightweight and small-sized, adequate to offer complete functionality within its minimalist layout. The mouse is beautiful, slim, modern and shaped like a pebble.

The keyboard can work with any device, including a laptop, tablet or mobile. Also, it works perfectly well with AppleTV, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, Mac and Windows. The mouse offers ultra-quiet scrolling and silent clicks. Thus, it decreases 90% of the noise of the click sound.

As far as connectivity is concerned, you can connect them either through a mini-USB receiver that comes within the pack or through Bluetooth. You can pair the keyboard with up to three devices simultaneously. The Easy-Switch button lets you switch through devices and multitask effortlessly.
The keyboard can run for up to two years with a single battery. On the other hand, the mouse can work for up to 18 months with a single AA battery.


  • An eye-catching, beautiful design.
  • Doesn’t lag when connecting with multiple devices.
  • Reliable and sturdy material.
  • Compact and minimalist


  • Keys may not be soft and easy to type.
  • Keys may lag in responding.

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6) Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set KM7321W

Dell Premier Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Set KM7321W Best Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

This wireless keyboard and mouse combo of Dell premier is a perfect choice for multitaskers. With this set, you can connect up to three different devices.

The keyboard has 12 programmable keys and the mouse has five programmable buttons. You can use them to get quick access to frequently used functions or applications. Also, the full-sized keyboard has dedicated programmed presets, function keys, and a numeric pad.

When it comes to built quality, both the keyboard and the mouse offer a premium, stylish feel. They have a Titan Gray finish. Also, the sculpted mouse fits in your hand perfectly. The keyboard features adjustable tilt legs to offer ideal flexibility and a comfortable typing position.

The Bluetooth 5.0 and dual-mode RF 2.4 GHz connectivity allows you to switch across multiple devices with a button on the mouse and keyboard or connection-mode key. Moreover, with the help of Dell Peripheral Manager (DPM) software, you can regulate input devices and adjust DPIs at 1000, 1600, 2400 or 4000.

The keyboard provides a 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard to safeguard the transmission of data between devices. Coming to the battery life, both the peripherals can work for 36 months before you change the batteries.


  • Soft keys on the keyboard.
  • Top-notch ergonomics of the mouse and keyboard.
  • Programmable mouse with Dell Peripheral software.
  • Premium look and feel


  • Not a quiet mouse or keyboard.
  • May lag at times.

7) SPARIN Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo For iPad 13

SPARIN Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard And Mouse Combo For iPad 13 Best Keyboard Mouse Combo In India

This keyboard and mouse combo is by a company called SPARIN and it works great for turning my tablet into more of a laptop-style device.

The build quality seems pretty good – the keyboard and mouse both feel sturdy and comfortable to use. Setup was a breeze too, just turn them both on and they automatically pair with each other and my iPad through Bluetooth. No messing around with drivers or anything.

One thing we really like is that both the keyboard and mouse can run for up to 3 months on their built-in rechargeable batteries before needing to juice them back up. That’s awesome because we all hate having to swap out batteries all the time. They charge quickly too when the batteries do run low.

Typing on the keyboard takes some getting used to since the keys are smaller than a regular laptop, but it’s comfortable enough. All the function keys you need are there like volume, brightness, and media playback. The keyboard also connects to three devices at once which is handy if you want to switch between an iPad, iPhone, and Android phone.

The mouse works just as you’d expect – it has left and right buttons and a clickable scroll wheel. The cursor on the iPad is very responsive. We have been using it to surf the web, work on documents, and even play some light games.

Overall we really like this keyboard and mouse combo for turning my iPad into more of a portable workstation. And it was very reasonably priced too. If you do a lot of typing or mousing on your iPad, we would definitely recommend checking it out!


  • Long battery life of up to 3 months on a single charge.
  • Compact and portable size.
  • The keyboard has multi-device connectivity.


  • Not fully waterproof or durable.
  • Smaller keyboard keys than a regular laptop.

Keyboard And Mouse Combo – Closing Words

Choosing one from the list of best keyboard and mouse combos in India could be a tough decision to make. However, now that you have a well-researched list in front of you, simply look into the features each of the combos listed above provides and pick the one that matches your preferences and requirements the best.

Do you have any more questions regarding wireless keyboard & mouse combos or would like to make a recommendation? If yes, leave a comment below.


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