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DSmobile 600 Portable Scanner. Easily scan and save photos, receipts, school papers, business cards and more. Scans black or white & color documents. Scans documents up to 8.5 x 14 legal size. Powered thru the included USB cable?no battery or wall

Item Details

  • Our Part #: A357914
  • Mfr. Part #: DS600
  • Mfr.: BROTHER

IRISPen Express 6 Handheld Pen Scanner
Instantly enters text and figures into your computer. The IRISPen™ Express is a powerful text recognition pen scanner. It instantaneously retypes any printed information in your word processor, e-mail software, on-line databases, etc. and in ANY Windows or Mac applications. The IRISPen™ Express works just like a highlighter. Simply slide it over printed information from books, newspapers, magazines, faxes, letters, spreadsheets etc. and instantly seethe words and numbers entered in your favorite application, right where your cursor is. Extremely fast and accurate, the data entry is instantaneous and the accuracy rate near perfection!


  • Accuracy: Up to 100% accuracy rate
  • Scan Recognition: Recognizes up to 3,15 inches / 8 cm per second
  • Program Compatibility: Virtually compatible with ANY applications (Office suite, etc)
  • Connection: USB connection
  • Text/numeric recognition: Alphanumeric characters, punctuation marks, numeric data, special characters, mathematical symbols, punctuation marks, currencies, etc.
  • Image scanning (to clipboard): Grayscale image to clipboard, Black and white image to clipboard
  • Language: All American and European languages are supported, including Central-European languages. Greek, Turkish, the Cyrillic ('Russian') and the Baltic languages and Hebrew are also supported. Optionally, the IRISPen reads Asian documents in Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Korean.


  • Read text and numbers - Enter words, sentences, excerpts off printed materials into your computer with less error rate than any previous versions. The IRISPen handheld scanner is Up to 100% accurate!
  • Scan images in grayscale - Logos, signatures, any small graphics are quickly scanned into your document with the IRISPen express handheld scanner.
  • Super compact - Smallest size and biggest scanning quality ever reached!
  • Recognizes 128 languages - The IRISPen scans and recognizes an incredibly vast number of foreign languages.
  • Smart wizard - Text, numbers or small images? Whatever you need to scan, the intuitive wizard guides you through the process.
  • 3 user profiles - Easily create a user profile according to your retyping needs.
  • Unlimited applications - Excel, Word, Emails, Text Edit, Page, … you name it! If you can type it in, you can scan it in with the IRISPen.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - Easily assign typical or customized keyboard commands (enter, space, etc.) to the two buttons on this handheld scanner.

System Requirements

  • Windows
    - A Pentium 300 MHz with 128 MB RAM and 65 MBfree disk space is recommended
    - A CD-ROM drive, a USB Port
    - A free USB port from the PC or from a powered hub
    - Runs on Windows XP, ME, 2000 or 98 SE
  • System requirements For Mac OS- A Mac OS computer with a G3 processor
    - Mac OS 10.x
    - Disk space: 60 MB
    - A free USB port from the Mac or from a poweredUSB hub
    - A CD-ROM drive

IRISPen Express 6 Handheld Pen Scanner
With everything becoming electronic these days, there’s reason for optimism that another breakthrough electronic device will hit the markets real soon. Wait no further, the IRISPen Express has arrived. The IRISPen Express is an intuitive text recognition handheld scanner. In simpler terms, it works like an electronic highlighter. It instantaneously retypes any printed information in your word processor, e-mail software, on-line databases, etc. and in ANY Windows or Mac applications. All you need to is slide it over pr

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